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“10 AVE MARIA,” by Juan Francisco Pardo now available on Studio Anansi Tv

Released in 2011, “10 AVE MARIA,” won the jury award for best short film at the 2011 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, and is one of series of shorts by Juan Francisco Pardo, being made available to the public, through Studio Anansi Tv.  “Awa Brak,” is also available on the site.

SYNOPSIS:  No man is an island, it is said. In this beautifully observed film, we follow Mark, a lonely young man in search of happiness. Through his daily encounters he struggles with his desires and his fears, until at last he is forced to come face to face with himself.


Juan Francisco Pardo

Juan Francisco Pardo can claim thus far as having received the jury prize at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival in 2011 for his film 10 Ave Maria and the audience award for the Best Aruba Flavor at the Aruba International Film Festival (AIFF) for his short feature, Awa Brak.

Pardo’s directing style tackles mostly social issues and usually leads to much discussion by his audiences. Pardo was born in Oranjestad, Aruba, in 1977 growing up as an avid fan of Sci-Fi movies. His first movie was created with a VHSC camera he received from his uncle on his seventh birthday. With an analogue typewriter coming as his next gift it was only a matter of time before he was screenwriting and using film as a medium to tell stories. He has since studied film in both Spain and the Netherlands.  Read More …


Ryan Oduber

Aruba-born contemporary artist Ryan Oduber bought his first video camera in 2000 and started making video art and commercials. He shot and edited the short film Muhe Frida, which won the prize for best Aruban short at the Aruba International Film Festival 2011. 10 Ave Maria is his first film as a director.

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