As Women’s History Month draws to a close, I went in search of Caribbean film projects featuring the “feminine gender,” in the process of raising completion funds, to feature on our blog. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon, this project , “Girls! Girls? Girls.” by Marjuan Canady, a filmmaker of Trinidadian heritage. With all the reality shows and music videos featuring women, the documentary is a humorous but sobering commentary by women, on the way women are portrayed in the media.

As with many crowdfunding campaigns by Caribbean filmmakers, this one is not doing so well, but we thought we’d feature it anyway, with the hope that someone, somewhere will see it, feel connected to to the story and be motivated to contribute. Since, the filmmaker chose the flexible funding option, whatever contributions are made, minus Indiegogo’s fee, will be paid to her – and something, is better than nothing.

Here’s the concept:
From magazine covers, to billboards, to strip clubs, the slogan, “girls, girls, girls” dominates our culture. Girls! Girls? Girls. began as a one woman satirical play written by and performed by Marjuan Canady that examines the black woman under the lens of public opinion. Now as a feature performance documentary, Canady and her comrades take their wit “to the streets” to gain perspective from entertainers, scholars, entrepreneurs, athletes, students and community organizers on the 21st century black female image and other issues such as beauty, health, education and sex.

Here is how you can help:
To contribute, visit the project’s Indiegogo Page.  To learn more about Marjuan and her work, visit her website and FB page.

About Marjuan Canady:

Marjuan Canady, a native Washingtonian with Trinidadian/Black American roots, is a published writer, actress, playwright, director, educator and producer for both film and the stage. Her one-woman play, Girls! Girls? Girls. has been featured Off-Broadway, at national festivals and regional theaters.  Her second play, Callaloo: A Jazz Folktale has been seen at the Ellington Theater and IATI Theater. For this work, Canady served as a featured playwright at the 2013 Lincoln Center for Performing Arts Director’s Lab. A Matteo Ricci and Schomburg Mellon Fellow, Canady is the founder and creative director of her production company, Sepia Works. Her diverse acting work includes plays, films, television, commercials and voiceovers. Canady currently writes for The Caribbean Current and recently starred and co-produced the short film The Resort shot in Tobago, WI. She is also currently directing the documentary, Girls! Girls? Girls. set to release in 2015. In 2013 she published her first children’s book Callaloo: A Jazz Folktale which she was recognized by The National Library of Trinidad and Tobago in their First Time Author’s Program. She is a graduate of Duke Ellington School of the Arts and holds a B.A. in Theater/African Studies from Fordham University and her M.A. in Arts Politics from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. 

Some of the women being interviewed as part of the documentary:

Dee Dee TrotterU.S. Track/Field Olympian : won her first individual Olympic medal in 2012 after running at the elite level for nearly a decade. At the 2008 Olympic Trials, in perhaps the most astounding story of the women’s 400, Trotter finished third in 50.88 with a broken bone chip in her left leg. She’s known for wearing glitter and face paint while competing, which Trotter calls her “war paint.” Trotter is the founder of Test Me I’m Clean, a charity that focuses on fighting the abuse of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Ebony Golden, CEO, Betty’s Daughter’s Arts Collaborative: is a cultural worker, artist, and creative director of Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative. A 2009 Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee, Ebony has taught, published and performed widely. Her work has been supported by New York University, SpiritHouse, Alternate Roots, We Shall Overcome Fund, Fund for Southern Communities, Soul Mountain Poetry Center, North Carolina Humanities Council, State of the Nation, and Atlantic Center for the Arts. She is currently writing “again, the watercarriers”, a poetry and performance collection about legacy, trauma, healing, and migration.

Cyndee Clay, Executive Director of H.I.P.S: has advocated for, by and with individuals engaged in sex work or sex for gain with since 1995. She has developed harm reduction based programs and provided technical assistance and training for medical and social service providers both in the U.S. and internationally on topics including HIV Prevention,  LGBT Sensitivity, Sex Work and Harm Reduction.

Maimouna Youssef , Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Activist: is a Grammy-nominated seasoned singer, songwriter, producer and emcee. She received a Grammy nomination for her contribution on the Roots hit “Don’t Feel Right” in 2007 for best rap song. She has swapped musical licks with such artists Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Dead Prez, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli. Her musical endeavors were a springboard for Youssef to make her big screen debut in Dave Chapelle’s hip hop documentary “Block Party.”

Dr. Helene Gayle, MD, MPH ~ CEO / President of CARE USA: is president and CEO of CARE USA, a leading international humanitarian organization with approximately 10,000 staff whose poverty fighting programs reached 122 million people last year in 84 countries. Since joining CARE in 2006, Dr. Gayle has led efforts to reinforce CARE’s commitment to empowering girls and women to bring lasting change to poor communities.

Irena Medavoy, Philanthropist/Image Activist: is a first generation American born to educated Russian immigrants. She became Vice President of Publicity and Public Relations for Sunn Classic Pictures in midst of her time at USC. She then launched Phoenix Enterprises, the first all-female direct response television company, where she invented, manufactured, and produced original products for home-shopping mainstay QVC, established lucrative projects with King World and American Telecast Productions, and produced highly successful infomercials with A-list celebrities. She is the founder of the organization, Not Photoshopped.

Calypso Rose, Calypsonian Singer and Songwriter: is an ambassador of Caribbean music, a living legend, a charismatic character, the uncontested diva of Calypso Music, often compared to great black singers such as Aretha Franklin, Myriam Makeba and Cesaria Evora.

Calypso Rose, Calypsonian Singer and Songwriter: is an ambassador of Caribbean music, a living legend, a charismatic character, the uncontested diva of Calypso Music, often compared to great black singers such as Aretha Franklin, Myriam Makeba and Cesaria Evora.

We’ll share updates with you as the project progresses. We wish Marjuan all the best and hope we’ll be able to see the finished project.