Eljon Wardally, a playwright and web series author hailing from the Spice Isles, is busy at work bringing her two latest projects to the people.  Already a popular blogger on surviving strokes, “IMakeTheStrokeUnitSexy.com,” Eljon, a young stroke survivor herself, is on the verge of a breakthrough year, with the release of “Docket 32357,” and “Bishop,” the web series and play, she penned.


Docket 32357:
Now a web series, premiering online on April 28, 2013 at 7:30pm, Docket 32357 began as a full-length play.  The first act of the play became the multi-award winning short film “Docket 32357,” which went on to win the inaugural Huffington Post award for the Black Voices Breakthrough Theater Series, last year.  After a successful Seed & Spark campaign, Eljon and Director, Randy Wilkins, produced the entire play as a web series.

Docket 32357 tells the story of Lois and Valerie; two isolated married women who are united by tragedy while on their respective journeys to conquer their loneliness. Docket explores how far we will go for a meaningful relationship and what happens when an opportunity to experience one is squandered.

For more information, visit the Docket 32357 website.  Watch the short film HERE.



On the heels of Docket, Ejon’s play “Bishop,” will be staged at May.  The play is her thesis project as she concludes her MFA in Playwriting, at Fordham University’s and Primary Stages’, inaugural class.  Directed by Seret Scott, Bishop, set 1983 in Fort Rupert, Grenada, where then Prime Minister Maurice Bishop is risking a coup, the play tells the story of political activist Sherry Ann and her husband Conroy, who struggle to keep the war outside, from destroying their home.

The play run from May 12-15, at 7:30 pm, at The Veronica Lally Kehoe Theater, at Fordham College at Lincoln Center.