Omari Jackson, the filmmaker behind “Between Friends,” is on a mission to have the film seen in movie theaters all across the US – the #BFTour.  There may have been other campaigns like this, but this is the first campaign we’ve seen by a Caribbean filmmaker, raising funds for a theatrical release in the US.

Between Friends on Indiegogo:
Omari is using Indiegogo’s platform to raise funds for theatrical screenings in NY, LA, Atlanta, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, and Philadelphia. Along with screenings, there will also be after-parties which will allow for a “platform for people to meet and greet the cast and crew and really have an all-encompassing Caribbean experience.”  He also intends to expand to Canada and Europe.


Here’s the pitch video:

Here are the Perks:
In addition to the usual shout out the perks include: t-shirt, key chains, postcards, merchandise from the Between Friends Store, and downloads of the film.  For higher contributions, donors can get the “Red Carpet” treatment (red carpet appearance, airline tickets and hotel accommodations at the film’s premiere), and the ability to stage a their own screening.

In addition to theatrical screenings, Omari hopes to use the TUGG platform, as a way to get the film into theaters in many other cities.  Through TUGG, anyone wanting to see a film in a movie theater in a city, can request it be shown.  It works similarly to crowd-funding campaigns – once a minimum number of people have also indicated an interest in seeing the film, it is scheduled.

The funds raised will be used  exclusively for travel expenses, venue rentals, the hiring of a publicist, marketing incidentals and public awareness outreach for their limited release and hosted events.


Here is a short clip from the film:


So, check out the campaign on Indiegogo, and if you like what you see, contribute.  This is a flexible funding campaign, which means whatever money is raised goes to the filmmaker (minus fees).


For more information, check out Omari’s website and FB page.