Sunday, July 27, 2014 @ 4:30 pm

The Massay Residence, Monroe Township, NJ
(contact us for the exact address)

Donations Welcomed.  Refreshments served.

Once again, we are bringing Caribbean films to the lovely folks in New Jersey.  This screening promises to be just as good as the last – we are showing 6 films altogether, all shorts, and this time, we have films for the kids as well.  So come out, bring the kids, and come spend the evening with us looking at films.  Check out the film lineup below:

by Chris and Leizelle Guinness
Animated and Live Action Short
T&T, 2011

Pothound tells the tale of the little dog that could.  Filmed almost entirely from the perspective of a street dog, and including fully animated sequences, the filmmakers weave a good hearted tale of heroism, kindness, and fun, for everyone.

noka 2Noka: Keeper of Worlds
by Shaun Escayg
Live Action Short with VFX
T&T/USA, 2014

The first of its kind, Noka: Keeper of Worlds, utilizes all of the best and modern special effects technologies and techniques, and uses them to create a blend of Trinidadian folklore and visual storytelling.  The film is a coming of age story, and tells the tale of 8-year old Gabriel, who hears and sees things he does not quite understand.  You will have to watch this film to get the fullness of the story and richness of filmmaking.

Watch the trailer here:

capt tand t 2Capt T&T
by Chris and Leizelle Guinness
Live Action and Animated Short
T&T 2013

Another great film by Chris and Leizelle Guinness, Capt T&T tells the story of “thin foot,” an 8-year old who wants to be a super hero and save the world, and ends up becoming a hero in his own life.  The use of the camera to mirror an 8-year old’s movement, the animation and great storytelling, make this one of the best films we’ve seen.


rebeccas-storymovieposterRebecca’s Story
by the Youth of the Witness Project
Dramatic Short
Guyana, 2014

On a beautiful day in the Caribbean city of Georgetown, Guyana, a young couple drop off their daughter Rebecca and her little brother Aaron with their Grandmother before traveling on business. With parting hugs and words of love, Rebecca retrieves her favorite book, not realizing that it would be the last time she would see her parents alive.

Weeks later, their days are marred by their distressed Grandmother’s harsh words and rough hands. Rebecca yearns for an escape, and finds hope in the intervention of Lindsey, a young witness to Rebecca’s plight who offers respite through an after school program.

Plagued by her own demons, her Grandmother dismisses his help. Undaunted, Rebecca soon discovers that her Granny’s violent harshness and sharp tongue hide a troubling disability and desolate past. In a small but powerful gesture, Rebecca reaches out with an offer of her own, opening the door to better days for her new family.

Watch the trailer here:


beached 2Beached
by Kojo McPherson
Dramatic Short
Guyana, 2011

Beached tells the story of a man dealing with the sudden loss of his wife.  It is one of the short films produced in Guyana through Cine Guyana.

Watch the trailer here:


coming of org 2The Coming of Org
by Davina Lee
Dramatic Short
St. Lucia, 2012

A Cannes 2012 Short Film Corner selection,The Coming of Org is based on short stories written by John Robert Lee, a Saint Lucian writer and adapted for the screen by his daughter, Executive Producer and Director Davina Lee. The story takes a look at three different people who come face to face with their inner demons in three separate ways. The movie highlights Saint Lucian folk stories and music, with most of the dialogue in French Creole.

In the first story, Tison, the main character, is a popular radio DJ in Saint Lucia. He has grown up, like many others in his village, hearing of characters from ancient folklore passed down from generation to generation. He lives his life as a carefree womanizer, until the day he comes face to face with Org. At the climactic moment of his experience, the folk culture collides with his modern life and he “meets his Org”.

In the second story, Charlo, we meet Tison again but as a musician and rising star. He moves in next door to an old man, Charlo. He has never seen Tison clearly, but via the sound coming through the thin partition that divides their rooms, the old man is witness to Tison’s growth as a musician. There are tell-tale signs that the old man used to be a folk musician and through Tison’s growth, the old man’s yearnings for music are once again awakened.

For the final and third story, Jennifer, Terrance and the Baby, Tison returns home for a visit after international success. What he comes back to is a community filled with gun violence and abuse. The story however revolves around Jennifer, an old friend of Tison, who is a victim of domestic abuse. In a moment of rage and revenge she has a huge mistake in judgment.

Watch the Trailer here: