Demedrius Charles Productions in collaboration with Austrie Films are excited to announce this year’s most anticipated web series, Marcello, premiering July 20, 2014, 2 – 5 pm, at the Helen Mills Theater in New York City.

“Marcello,” played by Emmanuel Rodriguez, tells the story of a young man who is a gun for hire. He is constantly struggling to deal with the effects of a complicated and possessive mother played by Justine Hall; a woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.  Emotionally, Marcello is so unreachable, that he turns to the city’s high end call girls to deal with the demons that are eating away at the fabric of his soul. He is scarred, depraved and his life of debauchery continues to haunt him; that is until the beautiful Carlene, played by Michelle Fawn enters the picture.  Carlene, tugs at Marcello’s feelings to the point where she manipulates him into opening up. But her selfish intentions are steered by the woman who hired her to filter information on her son, so she too can hire him to get the ultimate job done.  Marcello’s high profile clients which include, government officials, gold diggers and even the church, turn to him in spite of his reservations and constant need to know. His ability to move like a thief in the night without creating or bringing attention to his clients or himself makes him the ultimate gun for hire.

mainshot2-300x204This web series, written and produced by St. Lucian writer, director, producer, Demedrius Charles, will entertain and grip you as Marcello’s past is slowly unraveled through each carefully penned episode, leading to a cliff hanger that will leave you, the viewer, wanting more.

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Watch the trailer: