Studio Anansi Launch:“Broken,” a Demedrius Charles film, will make it’s debut on Studio Anansi on October 29. “Broken,” tells the story of Lisa, an international student, on the verge of graduating from four grueling years of college, finds herself in the final eighteen months of her studies, with an expired student visa and no money.  Years of balancing two jobs to pay for her tuition, and maintaining a modest apartment in New York, while being married to a husband who is unable to keep a steady job, and a vicious, insecure and domineering female boss, have all contributedto a rapid breakdown of her resolve.

She is in a fight for survival and loses her will to go on, when everything she worked so long and hard for, was imperiled due to a night of drunken and unbridled passion, leaving her with a broken spirit and tough choices.

demedrius_headshot_2[1] (1)About Demedrius Charles:
Demedrius Charles is a St. Lucian born Playwright, Producer, Director and Poet. He has to his credit two shows made for television and two Off Broadway productions. Two of his films that stand out are “Broken” which was directed by Courtney Everette presently in film festivals and the web series “Strip Pad.” with Kenrick Austrie a superb cinematographer.  Charles has written and co­produce the play Le Chateau which played at the Paul Robeson Theater in Brooklyn with wide and enthusiastic reception and Matters of the Heart at the American Theater of Actors in Manhattan.  Demedrius does not believe in “obstacles” He strongly believes that his calling is to produce films that will serve to keep his fans coming back.  Mr. Charles has set his sights on some very exciting and audacious projects for 2014. He believes that this year is going to be the breakthrough year.  To his credit, Demedrius who is also a Poet has written three poetry collections; “Shades of Emotions,” “Tainted Souls,” and “Dancing with the Imagination,” published by Xlibris books. All are available at

We wanted to learn more about Demedrius and his work, so we did a quick interview – 

CC:  Tell us a bit about yourself and your background –
DC:  Originally, I am from the island of St.Lucia, where I grew up with eleven brothers and sisters. My father , who migrated to the island from Havana, Cuba is a former pastor and my mother, St. Zita Perenie was a shop owner. I’m a graduate of Hocking College with an Associates Degree in Hotel Restaurant Management.  I applied my skills at such hotels as Club St.Lucia, The Platzl in Germany, and the Quality Inn in Ohio.

CC:  How did you get into writing and filmmaking?
DC:  I have been writing all my life, ever since I was able to hold a pen. In my pre teens I started penning small pieces for my family members to perform but didn’t acknowledge the gift until attending college.  Filmmaking came about naturally because moving Art is just beautiful to me. I had this intense desire to attempt shooting something I had written so I got a group of like minded people together and made it happen.

CC:  As an indie filmmaker, how did you go about getting the financing and assembling the support needed to make this film?
DC:  As an Indie Film Maker, it’s very hard to sum up the finances to get your project going but I’ve never allowed that to deter me. I have found that persons who share a common goal, a passion, a need to succeed will collaoborate with what little they have to make their dreams a reality and that has become my funding source.

CC:  What was your inspiration for writing “Broken”?
DC:  “Broken” was inspired by a WANT to write something meaningful for an actress friend, so I looked to the issues affecting persons in my immediate circle, took slithers of each individual’s hurdles and wrote the piece.

CC:  What was the most challenging aspect of making the film?
DC:  The most challenging thing about filming “Broken” was finding suitable locations for the story we were trying to tell, on a minimum budget and also to put together a shooting schedule where most of the actors and crew  had hectic jobs.

CC:  What have viewers shared with you about what they like most about the film?
DC:  The feedback I have gotten from the film made the challenges worth it. Not only was the audience pleased with the subject matter but appreciated the manner in which it was told. The fact it also started a conversation among Caribbean women makes it a project I will always cherish.

For more on Demedrius and his work, visit his website:  To view the film, visit