This year, the Pan-African Film Festival in LA, runs from February 5 to Feb 16, and as usual, there are several great Caribbean films making an appearance – some we have seen before, others are new titles.  Let’s check them out:

12_months21 Days
Tia Charysse Harper
Trinidad & Tobago/US
Doocumentary Feature | 2014
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A true story: Tony rents his 3-bedroom home in Los Angeles for the entire year in 2013 for $1 per month to help a family in transitional housing who he has never met, giving the family a chance to get on their feet. The story follows Felicia Dukes and her four children for the year they live in Tony’s home. Stars Tony Tolbert, Felicia Dukes, Nyia, Amauri, Kima, Raylen.

Check HERE for screening times.  Watch the trailer:


1912_breaking_the_silence1912: Breaking the Silence
Gloria Rolando
Documentary Feature | 2010
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Ten years in the making, the history of Cuba’s Partido Independiente de Color (PIC) is unearthed in this three chapter rendering of the long suppressed and almost forgotten heroic struggle of Black Cubans. Founded in 1908 by Afro-Cuban veterans of Cuba’s war for independence to fight for their racial, political and economic equality in the early years of the republic, the PIC came to a shocking end in 1912 when thousands of Afro-Cubans affiliated with the PIC were massacred by the newly independent Cuban government.

Check HERE for screening times.

shortage_of_childrenA Court d’Enfants (Shortage of Children)
Marie-Hélène Roux
Narrative Short | 2014

In 1963 two children from Reunion Island are taken away from their mother to help in the resettlement policy of the French government. Stars Marie Bunel, Vincent Winterhalter, Louzolo Mahonga Morillon, Delixia Perrine.

Check HERE for screening times.

forward_ever_the_killing_of_a_revolutionForward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution
Bruce Paddington
Trinidad & Tobago | Grenada
Documentary Feature | 2013
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In 1983, Grenadian Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and a number of his colleagues were assassinated. Their bodies were never found. The resulting invasion of Grenada by US forces in 1983 echoed around the world and ended a unique experiment in Caribbean politics. A comprehensive and gripping story of the overthrow of the Grenada revolution is told as never before through the extensive use of previously unseen file footage, as well as old and new interviews with many of the key players.

Check HERE for screening times.   Watch the trailer:


la_belle_vie_the_good_lifeLa Belle Vie: The Good Life
Rachelle Salnave
Documentary Feature | 2014
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The story of Haitian-American filmmaker Rachelle Salnave’s journey to discover her Haitian roots by examining the complexities of the Haitian society as it pertains to the overall political and economic dichotomy in Haiti.

Check HERE for screening times.  Watch the trailer:


Mariel Brown
Trinidad & Tobago
Documentary Short | 2013
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Richard Mark Rawlins’ personal exploration of the real and imagined worlds that his father made in the workshop beneath their house.

Check HERE for screening times.  Watch the trailer:

when_pigs_swimWhen Pigs Swim
Jeff Todd
Documentary Short
Bahamas | 2014
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The Isle of Exuma in the Bahamas has a unique and legendary pig population. How did the ‘Swimming Pigs of Exuma’ get there, where did they come from, and who put them there?

Check HERE for screening times.  Watch the trailer:

vigilante_the_crossingVigilante … The Crossing
Marcia Weekes
Narrative Feature
Barbados | 2015
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Upon his return home, deported ex-con Dexter Gooding is disturbed that his beloved community, Bakers Village, is in violent, criminal turmoil. Carrying the guilt of his past crimes, Dexter sets out to rid Bakers Village of its rampant crime. As a vigilante, he employs a Robin-Hood style warfare but soon collides with Amy, a white Barbadian who deploys a Martin Luther King style to help the community. As the boiling pot of racial prejudice, passion, love and hate erupts, will Bakers Village survive? Stars Kirk Brown, Malissa Alanna, Alison Sealy-Smith, Claudette Wadman, David Gill.

Check HERE for screening times.  Watch the trailer:


Andrea Leland
Documentary Short
St. Vincent & the Grenadines | 2014
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An untold story of the indigenous Caribs / Garifuna of St. Vincent: their near extermination and exile by the British 200 years ago; and return to the island. Now they come hoping to reconnect with the spirit of their ancestors, their culture and with those left behind.

Check HERE for screening times.  Watch the trailer:


Happy Festivalling!!