The Story:
Tyler is a 15 year old boy who lives in a sheltered Trinidadian home. He looks up to Darryl, the leader of a group of small time hustlers. Tyler is out of his element around these boys who play at being bad. His family is in the habit of eavesdropping on the tumultuous life of his neighbor Nakita. When he encounters her at Darryl’s apartment, their interaction leads to a series of misadventures. Tyler is left questioning his friendships and his ability to deal with an environment for which he is unequipped.


The Inspiration Behind the Story:
I started noticing large groups of teenage boys speeding wildly down the middle of my street on bikes. At times I would see as much as 20 boys leaving no space on the street for cars. The energy I felt as they whizzed by intrigued me. I wanted to know where they were going, who they were and what it must be like to be a part of that huge group. Since then, I became obsessed with this image and started observing the body language, dress and dialect of theses kids. I developed a 16 page script surrounding three characters, Nakita, Tyler and Darryl.


The Filmmaker – Maya Cozier:
I am inspired by the large diasporic cultures and communities in the city. I moved to Harlem two years ago and I am amazed at how cultures preserve themselves overseas. I want to communicate not only a story but also a visual experience through  surface, texture, color and set design. Each character’s story is told through their living spaces. The story weaves through these four apartments and the diverse backdrop of the city.

Maya is from Trinidad and Tobago and studying film at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), NY.  Her last short film, Shan, was shown in the Trinidad and Tobago film festival.  One of her recent works, Port of Spain Style, was featured on Global Voices.

What the funds will be used for:
Contributors will help fund props, sets, wardrobe, food and transportation for the cast and crew. Based on my observations of my neighbor’s homes, she wants to capture the busy and colorful aesthetic by emphasizing the preference for certain types of curtains, upholstery and wall colors. Nakita’s style is very heavily influenced by religion, Darryl’s by the fact that he’s a kid on his own trying to be an adult and Tyler’s by the fact that he’s living with his parents and grandparents in a loving home.

The Perks:
$1 Contribution – a “thank you” email
$5 Contribution – link to download the film
$25 Contribution – a “thank you” in the credits and a link to download the film
$50 Contribution – a signed copy of the script, 3 signed set photo prints, and the previous perks
$100 Contribution – Associate Producer credit and the previous perks
$250  Contribution – Executive Producer credit and the previous perks

To contribute, visit the project’s Indiegogo Page.