“What does it mean to begin in and belong to an island, where no one begins or belongs? What does it mean, when suddenly you experience a rupture and your sense of self (predicated on fragmented geography/a hobbled together mosaic of opposing colloquialisms) is broken, bent, light under water? What about when we see that everything, absolutely everything, is revolving in a motion of constant push and pull? No wonder we feel split, spread, torn. For example, what could possibly be pure emotion, that which is not a mix of all emotions (particularly those that are “opposite”)? Love (and all capitalised emotions) generate their magnificence from the vibration of terror.” Read more …

So begins Aiko’s reasonings behind the making of Hoghole , an experimental documentary short, exploring loss and the pain that comes with it.  With her use of 8mm tape, sounds, hand-painted “subtitles,” no scripted dialogue, and dark colors, the film feels like a living, breathing, palpable cornucopia of emotions, you see and feel.  Quite an accomplishment for a film.  Watch “Hoghole” now.

After watching the film and spending some time interacting with Aiko, we knew we just wanted to sit down with her and talk shop.  We found her to be easy to talk to – articulate, thoughtful and intellgent.  See for yourself – check out the interview below:

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