We are excited to announce the winners our 2015 screenwriting competition, as part of the Caribbean Film Project.. We would like to thank everyone who entered – you gave our judges an enjoyable and challenging job.

We set pretty tough requirements for the scripts – they needed to be short, include several cultural elements (locations, food, and music from the country), engaging, and formatted and structured to industry standards.  Entries came from emerging writers and filmmakers from Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and many different parts of the Diaspora.  In the end, we selected the best three scripts of all we received.

And now the winnners:

Klieon John
St. Kitts & Nevis

Logline: A timid young girl’s love for a dashing but seemingly nonchalant painter, drives her to desperation as she pays a visit to a shady obeah woman, whose real magic may not be supernatural at all.

Synopsis:  JENINE is madly in love with a strapping and pleasant young house painter named JEB. Too timid to actually approach him or otherwise gain his attention, she reluctantly resorts to visiting an obeah woman deep in the woods. She hopes BOSSO can help her by “tying” Jeb with a spell of some sort.

Not the friendliest person and cynical about men, who she describes as “swine,” she agrees to perform the tying ritual that should cause Jeb to fall madly in love with Jenine. “When we tie, we tie for life”, in her words.  Jenine has no idea what is involved with the ritual until she agrees to proceed. But her desire for Jeb is stronger than her disgust for severed chicken heads and bloody pig hearts.

By the next morning, she is confident the ritual has worked and walks by Jeb’s worksite, as she always does, and is greeted by him in the exact same manner he always has; with a warm smile and a “Good morning, Jen.” Either the obeah didn’t work or was never needed in the first place and Bosso might have known this all along. Perhaps her magic is nothing more than the power of confidence.

klieon john 2

About Klieon.  Books. Dark beer. Red wine. Hot sun. Trees. Mountain climbing. Cool breeze. Full moons. Writing. Getting lost. Being found. Antiques. Nina Simone. Black coffee. Fresh mint. Vegetable gardens. String. Old movies. Good poetry. Bad poetry. Love. Photography. Art. Jazz. Reggae. History. Culture. Daydreaming. Nightdreaming. Short attention span. The Jolly Boys. Good food. Loud laughter. Cats. Dogs (sometimes). Crowded cafes. Indie. Hair. Bad jokes. Mistakes. Caribbean. Hippie. Hipster. 20s. Guitar. Filmmaking. Black. St. Kitts. Jamaica. Traffic. Sandalwood. Almond tea. Colours. Sand. Ray-Bans. Tattoos. Dub. Blank pages.

This random list of words makes more sense at www.klieonjohn.com.

Karen Chapman
Diaspora – Canada
Love and Longing

Logline:  A young couple, divided by race, find each other again.

Synopsis:  Leslie and Thara are a secretive, young black and Indian couple living in Guyana.  In the midst of heightened racial politics and unrest, Leslie is migrating to Canada and tries to convince Thara to leave with him.  Will Leslie convince Thara to escape to Canada, abounding her family tradition for true love and a new life together?

karen chapman 2 400x400

About Karen.  Karen Chapman is an award-winning storyteller whose work often draws upon her own life experience.  In September 2013, Karen won Best Pitch at the CaribbeanTales Pitch Incubator held at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Karen is a 2015 fellow of the Hotdocs, documentary Channel Doc Accelerator Scholarship, where she is developing documentary films that examine rage, family secrets and life after violent trauma.  Her most recent short, PATRIARCHY is a véritéanimation hybrid and currently being broadcasted as part of the CBC’s Canadian Reflection Program.

Kojo McPherson

Logline:  A man who seems to have everything finds himself searching for purpose and his sense of self when a touch of ‘the mystic’ (or mysticism) enters his life.

Synopsis:  Adero, a successful executive, finds himself experiencing many sleepless nights, with disruptive dreams.  On a visit to an old folks’ home, these dreams draw him to an elderly woman.  His dreams and visit with the old woman, begin to come together and Adero begins to understand himself and his place in the world.  Is it mysticism or reality?

kojo 2 400x400

About Kojo.  Kojo McPherson is a Guyanese writer, spoken word artist, photographer and director of radio, stage and short film.

Kojo served on the scriptwriting team of popular Guyanese radio serial drama for 4 ½ years – 2 ½ of those years supervising the team as Senior Scriptwriter.  He has written, directed and/or edited two short films, ‘Beached’ and ‘To the Night’, both of which have screened at international film festivals. A third short film, ‘Standing’ is currently in post-production.

Kojo is the sole-proprietor of Dred Scotsman, a business which provides creative writing, photography, videography and video production services and plans to expand in to production of original content.

Kojo is the proud father of two girls, Kinaya and Mapenzi with Guyana Prize winning playwright Mosa Telford.

We would like to thank our judges for the time they spent reading, discussing, and commenting on the scripts.

We would also like to thank all of our collaborating partners, Groundation Grenada, ChantiMedia, The Audio Visual Association of Dominica, and SASOD Guyana.

Next Steps:
Each writer will paired with their writing coach and be given about 1 month to improve and revise their scripts, to make them ready for production.  Then they will all be invited to participate in a directing workshop, to preparation for the production.

One Love!!