This year’s Cannes Film Festival will run from May 13-24, in Cannes France.  As with previous posts, we will take a look at the Caribbean films appearing in this year’s festival.  While there are no Caribbean films in competition, several films from the Spanish Caribbean and one from the English Caribbean, have been selected to be a part of the Short Film Corner.

by Meg Smaker

One woman defies Fidel Castro’s ban on female boxing to follow her dream of Olympic glory. Boxeadora tells the story of her harrowing journey against insurmountable odds to become Cuba’s first female boxer.

Since Castro’s Revolution, Cuba has won more Olympic gold medals in boxing than any other country in the world.  Although this boxing powerhouse has more than 19,000 male boxers, female boxing is nonexistent on the island – the result of a ban on female boxing put into place after the revolution.  Boxeadora follows Namibia, a Cuban woman who has been training in secret as a boxer for five years, hoping the government would lift its ban.  Now 38, she only has two years left of boxing eligibility.  Journey with Namibia as she tries to leave the island to follow her only dream: to compete as a boxer.

For more information visit the film’s website.  Watch the trailer.


by Roddy Perez
Narrative Short

Charlie wakes up to go to school and their unique shoes have disappeared from the house.



by Doriam Alonso

A nine year old boy tries to complete a school test while his mind travels to a deeper world.

Watch the teaser here.



71944Azrael & Malaquias
by Alexander Viola

Two angels who lost God’s favor are now working under the orders of heaven to catch the lost souls in a decadent Quisqueya. A story about redemption and about achieving a single goal: to dream their missions again and be able to walk in the ways of the Lord.


95805En Los Sueños del Horizonte
by Ramon A. Peña Rodriguez

Daniel, an old man, revives with nostalgia the last moments in the field where he grew up next to his older brother Luis. Luis was a born dreamer looking for a scholarship to study in the city during the Trujillo dictatorship. An approach to the loneliness and the circularity of dreams.

Watch the teaser:


by Maria Victoria Hernandez

Wilito is a 13 year-old boy who lives in Los Praditos, a slum in the heart of Santo Domingo. It is in slums like this where a vast part of the working class lives.


96108El Pintor de Sombras
by Miguel Garcia Calera

Federico is a Spanish painter who lives in Dominican Republic since he was little. Despite his unique ability, he spends his days painting in a park. His paintings reflect a dark inner world, true reflection of a traumatic past that he cannot forget.

Watch the trailer:


by Nelson Pena

An 11-year-old Dominican deaf boy searches for a job in order to help his financially struggling single-mother help make ends meet.



93770El Gran Elephante
by CJ Lozada

Two lovers on a crossroad, solving an unexpected surprise!


by Pascal Fontana

Six year old Aurora, an immigrant child is abandoned in the mountains by humans traffickers. She wanders until she finds a cabin in the woods. The owner returns and realizes somebody has been at his place. The next day, at dawn, he is taken by surprise with the discovery of a high-spirited child.

Watch the trailer:


93221En Pedazos
by Michelle Malley Campos

A visceral drama about love, loss and redemption which portrays the confrontation between a sister and a big brother, both immersed within their own different addictions, that culminates in the discovery of the deliverance of their fraternal bond.

Watch the trailer:


83122Nadie Nos Mira
by Leonardo Santana Zubieta

Two male lovers are hiding in a big, mysterious house. They want to make love. Apparently, nobody is watching them.


94741The Creative Sould of Trinidad & Tobago
by Craig Leon

Can a country achieve economic development without losing its soul? Artists, musicians, designers, public servants, food producers, industry leaders, actors and entrepreneurs from the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago weave a story about creativity, culture and sustainable development.

If you get to the Festival, show your support for these filmmakers by checking out their films.

Happy Festivalling!!