The People’s Film Festival, begins here in New York, on Thursday, May 28 and runs through Sunday, May 31.  The Festival is an initiative of The People’s Media Music & Arts Foundation Inc.—a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose objective is to promote awareness of independent music, media and art across the globe while encouraging those—particularly in the Harlem, New York area, to develop a greater appreciation and understanding for cultural diversity in film.

This year, two Caribbean films will be a part of the Festival.  Let’s see what they are:

screen-shot-2013-08-13-at-2-57-24-pmSmall Man: The World My Father Made
by Mariel Brown
Trinidad & Tobago
Documentary Short

Making it’s NY premiere, Small Man, tells the story of John Ambrose Kenwyn Rawlins.  He was an ordinary man of modest means. He was a great father, grandfather and husband; an obedient public servant. Yet the most vivid part of his life was lived in was a small workshop beneath his house. In there, at the end of his workday, he made things. From simple push toys to elaborate 1/16th scale waterline battle ship models and dockyards, miniature furniture and dolls houses, he painstakingly constructed everything from scratch, sometimes spending upwards of a year on a single model. Small Man is an exploration of the worlds both real and imagined that Kenwyn Rawlins made, as told by his son Richard.

For more information, visit the filmmaker’s website.  Watch the trailer:

5982658_origAll Roads Lead
by Wayne Benjamin
Narrative Short

All roads lead is based on the true life story of Hawaiian based musician Jhust Enoch. It introduces viewers to the life of Enoch, his ups and downs, his struggles, his victories and everything in between.  We’ll learn what lead him to leave behind his life filled with financial promise and stability, what lead him to a painful separation from his children, what lead him on a journey of self discovery to the Big Island of Hawaii.  We will follow him on his trod to enlightenment, the many dynamic twists, turns and encounters that has made him the man that he is today and the man he will become in the future.

This series will be filled with not only true life events and drama but action, suspense and a thrill ride like no other as we explore the human characteristic and what makes or breaks a person, what pushes an individual to go against all odds and become a true soldier in the army of righteousness.

Happy Festivalling!!!