Today, Toni Blackford’s film, “Cleaning House,” was launched on Studio Anansi. The film, produced by the Creatrix Collective Project and 10A Productions, was an official selection of the 2014 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival.  The film is an enjoyable foray into the life of Susan, a “cleaning” woman.  We follow her day “cleaning” the house of a rich Jamaican socialite and watch her slowly unravel the mysteries present there.

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At a glance, Susan is a quiet, pensive housecleaner who takes her job seriously. A single phone call is all that she needs to clean up the mess and leave things pristine. But initial impressions rarely, if ever, give the full scope of a person—especially in the case of Susan.

About Toni Blackford

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Toni Blackford is an up-and-coming writer/director from the island of Jamaica, who earns her living as a video editor in television and film. After graduating from the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) in 2005, she went on to work at Music+, a local channel known for its creative voice and unique original programming.

In the ten tears since starting in the industry, she’s worked on music videos, television commercials, long form programming and documentaries, in a variety of roles behind the camera.

Toni feels most at home as a writer and editor, where she’s better able to shape the path of a project. Her passion for story-telling, drives her to craft narratives which explore something other than the politically torn garrisons currently dominating Jamaican cinema.

Directing only recently came along as a happy accident when film producer Justine Henzell,, convinced her to take the reins of “Cleaning House,” a short film Toni wrote in 2012. It’s the first in a stockpile of ideas (both short and feature length) that she hopes to someday bring to life.

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