“Tomb,” the latest offering by Trinbagonian filmmaker, Nick Attin, is being dubbed as the Caribbean’s first Sci-Fi film.  This is Nick’s third film and promises to be his most ambitious yet.  Most of the film has already been shot.  The Indiegogo campaign is to raise funds for all of the post-production work needed to complete the film.

The Pitch:

What would the Funds be used for?

  • Upgrade their editing systems.
  • License music for the film’s soundtrack.
  • Enhance their marketing potential at film festivals.



The Story:
On the 10th of September in the year 2025, several nations around the world join together for the largest expedition into the furthest regions of deep space. They share a common mission to discover a new way of life for all mankind.

This mass galactic exodus is spearheaded by Proselyte Global, a world corporate entity responsible for the design of a special artificial intelligence on board each country’s starship. Macro Interfacing Logistics Operation or “M.I.L.O” is the codename for this A.I.

Commander Nelson Obatala and Commander Charles Mercer are two astronauts representing Trinidad and Tobago. They individually pilot two human inclusive deep space probes “TTSS Humming Bird” and “TTSS Scarlet Ibis”. During the long voyage what was expected to be six months of hyper sleep turned out to be much longer for Commander Obatala.

His vessel was ordered to change its course and respond to a distress beacon sent out by Mercer whose ship’s course had been mysteriously altered. Now separated from his wife Kara and baby daughter Yemaya for much longer than anticipated, Obatala must risk the success of his mission and the family he loves to find and rescue his dear friend and fellow countryman.

The love for his wife and child may have helped him cope with the loneliness of space, his training may have helped him survive even giant rogue asteroids but nothing could prepare anyone for the awesome unknown of a wormhole! Only on the other side will he truly come face to face with destiny.


The Perks:  Depending on the level of your contribution, the perks include

  • Official “TOMB” Digital Artwork
  • Sneak Peak Previews and Digital Downloads
  • Selected Tracks from Official Soundtrack Album
  • Special Access to Nick’s Production Journal
  • Movie T-Shirts, Posters, DVDs and lots more!

If you love sci-fi films and want to see what one coming out of the Caribbean looks like, consider making your contribution today:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tomb.