Friday, July 3, 2015 @ 7:30 pm
Nicholas Variety, 570 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Tix: $5

Refreshments served.


This month we are screening films by Caribbean filmmakers in the Diaspora.  Like filmmakers in the Region, Diaspora filmmakers are hard at work, creating their space as emerging filmmakers telling stories not obviously “Caribbean.”  But, they are our storytellers too, so let’s take a look at the films being screened.

by Kofi Okai of Team UNTLD.
Narrative Shortclarity

Exploring the space within non linear storytelling, Clarity embarks on capturing the moments in life where one path ends and a new begins. Three separate individuals grasp for a chance at redemption unaware of how their actions unite them along their journey. The marriage between sound and visual framing highlights how we are all interconnected even when lost within individual tribulations. With Sodenberg like tones, Clarity is a feat of balancing chaos with peace and appreciating all the moments in between. Created spring of 2012.

by Maya Cozier
Trinidad & Tobago/New York
Documentary Short


Shan is a portrait of a young Trinidadian dancer at the Universoul Circus, which tours the USA. This experimental work follows Shan backstage and on stage, moving between darkness and light, as she prepares to pass under the limbo stick, reflecting on her past, present and future.

by Sean Michael Field
Narrative Short



Elliot Bishop is a homeless man searching for hope in a world that doesn’t know he exists. He’s given up all he has except for distant memories of happier times. From the coffeeshop, to the sidewalk, to the cemetery, the City is Elliot’s stomping ground. There is no navigation system to guide him through hunger and self-doubt, all he can do is continue to sharpen his skills and strengthen his resolve as he prepares for the challenge of his lifetime. Egress is a story of a man forced to evolve from his past to transcend the painful sacrifice of the present so he can bravely grasp the opportunity to create his future.

by Team UNTLD.
Narrative Short

IBT promo pic 1


Anthony puts up with bullies at school to keep his older brother out of trouble.  But when the pressure becomes too much for Anthony both brothers must make decisions that have far heavier consequences than imagined.

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