Antigua & Barbuda – Young Antiguan eager for development of local film Industry.

Francoise Acting Studio Antigua, presents “Studio 153 I.I.N.F.A.C.T.S – Interactive International  Film Acting Theatre Class,” on Sept 26-27 and Oct 17-18, at Caribbean Cinemas, Antigua.

Having observed much more can be done to lift the local film industry to the next level, a young Antiguan, who has been exposed to coaching from big screen names in New York and Atlanta, will be offering classes to locals this summer on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Antigua.

Francoise Bowen is an actress, entrepreneur, fashion designer, Toastmaster and  humanitarian, with a special interest in those suffering from HIV/AIDS. But most of all, she is passionate about the arts.

She believes many Antiguans and Barbudans are naturally blessed, but the lack of proper training in acting, filmmaking and photography is stifling their growth. To help these artists develop, she intends to host facilitators from Europe and the USA in the upcoming classes. She laments over the lack of dramatic presentations in the various communities, in Antigua & Barbuda. “Once upon a time there were stage plays in every community.  Antigua was alive with these activities, but it is not so anymore,” Bowen said, and added “Although some of the churches do have plays, they can be much better.”

She said “a good actor should be able to bring any character alive,” explaining, “persons can be healed and delivered just by the way you portray a role on stage.”  According to Bowen, a good actor knows how to act out emotions, whether it is to cry on the spot, get angry or show compassion.”  It is at this level she wants artists to be, after they have taken her classes.  “This is the chance for persons who have an interest in directing, producing and filmmaking to not only be afforded the opportunity to sharpen their skills, but also to know how to network with those established in the industry.”

Stuart Films, which organizes the annual Ocktober Film Festival, in New York, will be partnering with Bowen to present the classes.

These two-three day intensive classes, are worth about $600USD, plus travel and accomodation.  To enroll in any of the classes, visit this link.

About Francoise Bowen

unnamedI always loved the stage and it all started in church under Teacher Cora during special services like Mother’s Day, Christmas etc. The love for film and theatre kept growing and I joined groups such as “The Nazarene Drama Team,” to now having my own. The passion for this art of acting is high, I always seek to further myself as much as possible, travelling to acting classes and participating in online acting groups to help shape this beautiful natural talent and gift I have. In turn, I’m called upon to assist youth groups in churches or share one on one tips with individuals. Its good being well groomed for film and theatre, that way, I can be easily accessible to do any roles professionally. My business is to help my island Antigua/Barbuda and by far the Caribbean, by hosting acting classes with reputable persons from the film industry in the US.