Hoghole is an award winning film short film made up of composite Super 8 and HD footage shot and based in the island of St. Vincent. The word ‘Hoghole’ refers to the specific patch of land in St. Vincent where my house stands. My family can no longer live there because of unprecedented crime levels in the island. The subtext of this film, therefore, is a reexamination of what Home means, when it, as an ideal and as a physical space, is lost, or, more accurately, forcibly stolen. It attempts to address the furious internal discord that emerged within me when this sanctuary was violated and we were forced to leave.

In a broader metaphorical understanding, the Home can be taken as symbol for the Island/ the Nation of St. Vincent, as a place of belonging (very much like a house) that has been corrupted and attacked by crime and distorted priorities. The result is that many Vincentians feel forced to leave the island (as my family was forced to leave my home) due to levels of crime, poor employment opportunities and general dissatisfaction with the possibilities for self-actualisation.

Following this understanding we find reinforcement for my attempt to express that this is a story of national (not only personal) concern. While the film was catalysed by personal events, it was essential to me to convey that the issue with crime is not isolated to solely my family and my circumstance. The attempt is to show that this is a prevalent and widely shared concern of the country.

Many of the interviews, (referring here to the spoken words in the film) are a vehicle for the larger context of what is happening in the communities, but the cinematic choices, the use of Super 8, the shot choices and editing, the sound design (very important), are coming from a struggle to express the particular mix of beauty and terror which now form this landscape, as it is, transformed by these terrifying and threatening experiences with crime. The film concludes, with a question. Captain Lawrence Guy (of 93 years old) asks, “When the elder generation of the island are gone (and only the disenfranchised younger generations remain) what will happen to the island of St. Vincent”?


Documentary | 2013 | St. Vincent & the Grenadines | 11 mins 

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