The Other Side of Carnival (2010), is a 45-minute documentary that explores Carnival’s social and economic impact on Trinidad & Tobago. With more than 60 interviews from professors, medical staff, police officers, government officials, students, tourists, every day locals and more, The Other Side of Carnival is able to highlight that while Carnival is an exciting occasion, it is a festival that creates turmoil, which is not widely visible…or is it just simply ignored? Known as “The Greatest Show on Earth,” this documentary captures the roots of Carnival and how far some go to keep the original idea alive, and how others attempt to integrate change.

Consummating over two years of research and interviews and with the coordination of a multi-national crew (Trinidad & Tobago, US and UK), The Other Side of Carnival does not pass judgment on Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago, but aims to bring an awareness of the type of influence that Carnival has on the population.

Director’s Statement: This documentary was developed as a way to educate the public about my culture, Trinidad & Tobago. My parents are from Trinidad and I wanted to do something that showcased my ethnic background. While some may say this is a negative view of the country, I feel it is simply an inside look as to how much weight the locals put on Carnival.

Regardless of the perception, I hope that this has been a learning experience about another place in the world.


Documentary | 2010 | Trinidad & Tobago/USA | 48 mins | NOT RATED 

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The Making of “The Other Side of Carnival”


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