This past March, we visited the beautiful island of Guadeloupe, to attend FEMI, the Guadeloupan film festival.  Not only did we get to enjoy the warm hospitality of the festival organizers, but we were saw lots of great films, met many filmmakers we have formed lasting connections with, and had the opportunity to sit and talk with a filmmaker we have come to know and like, Nina Vilus.

Nina, is a producer and is the founder of Art & Vision Productions, a production company in Guadeloupe.  We initially met her while trying to screen her first film, “Vivre!,” to screen in Brooklyn.  Then we met her in person at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival and developed a cool, easy-going friendship.

We are happy to present our interview of Nina, one of the important voices in film, coming out of the French Caribbean.

About Nina:
Nina VILUS graduated in 2006 from The Ecole Supérieure de Gestion (ESG), the prestigious business school based in Paris, where she received a MBA in audiovisual production. Shortly after her graduation, she moved to Los Angeles where she interned in production companies and gained experience in her field. In 2008, back to Guadeloupe, Nina set up her production company, Art & Vision Productions, that strives to develop ambitious projects dealing with strong themes anchored in modern society.

Thanks for taking the time to watch.

One Love!!