The Longest Wait is a feature length film currently being shot in Trinidad & Tobago.

Source: The Longest Wait Press Release by Janine Charles-Farray

From July 4th to 26th 2015, the movie crew of ‘The Longest Wait’ will be shooting dramatic film scenes from the Toco Lighthouse, to the highest point of San Fernando hill, Down the Islands at Gasparee off the western coast and also at Clifton Hill Manor, Point Fortin.

The wild storyline of the movie follows Pearce Ryker (played by Alan Ferreira), a man down on his luck in life and in love. He feels void of the ‘normal things’ like a career and companionship. There is no one special with whom he can share his life.  He is lonely but that suddenly changes when he meets a beautiful stranger (played by actress Cindy F. Daniel) who reaches out to him on the Internet. Her beauty and sweet personality is matched a bold sexuality, which draws Ryker into a deep passionate online relationship.

Pleased to find that his dream woman is willing to share her wealth, love and life with him, he agrees to meet her in spite of his best friend Brian’s (played by Andrew Friday) comedic but cautious assessment of the situation.  Things go wrong very quickly. Mystery abounds as his beloved disappears and Ryker is branded a murderer and a fugitive entangled in a web of lies and danger. Attempts to clear his name and differentiate truth from deceit swiftly turn into a life or death challenge.  Was this a well-planned scheme or just a series of unfortunate incidences? Ryker fights for balance in the face of unknown assailants who are determined to set him up for a very bad fall.

Dramatic scenes from the movie will incorporate live action, stunt work as well as a few shooting days on a green-screen set location. Production Manager Leslie-Ann Wills-Caton, explained that there was a clear intention for the film to showcase diverse locations across Trinidad.

“A lot of times films in Trinidad only focus on the north and we wanted to expose the south, central and other local landscapes. We will be shooting in Point Fortin, Claxton Bay, the quaint village of Mayo just outside Gasparillo and other far reaching places to show the beauty of Trinidad that exists ‘past the lighthouse’.”  According to first-time film director Dimitri Scheult, the choice of filming in ‘the south-land’ has specific significance. “Point Fortin and these locations are only looked at for their oil and industry, so because people do not know about them they have become almost exotic locations in my country. There is so much more that these places have to offer if only people would take the time to appreciate them, and we hope to do that through this film.”

Executive Producer and script writer of the film, Mrs. Beverly Singh confirmed that the choice of a variety of locations matched the requirements of the action in the script and the unfolding of the tension and comedy of the storyline.  “Diverse locations was strategic on my part,” said Singh. “I was so fed up with the cliché Maracas beach – it’s not the only beach have, you know. So I tried to put the scenes in many diverse locations like the Toco light house, which is so iconic. I also wanted Clifton Hill Manor because it is a little known but gorgeous beach and venue.”

Location sponsors were also invited to collaborate with the movie such as the management of Clifton Hill Manor in Point Fortin, the management of Amnesia Night Club in Chaguanas, and the Airports Authority in Piarco.

“Very special thanks go to Mr. Bobby Marajh of Transport Solutions Limited for the use of his location and transport services,” confirmed Wills-Caton. “Additional thanks go to Mr. Julien King of the Central Athletic Club in Chaguanas, along with A.S. Bryden for their kind support.”

The Longest Wait will be managed by FIXERfilm Limited, a local production company based here in Trinidad. The film crew comprises both Canadian and Trinbagonian crew in a collaboration between Film Students of the Vancouver Film School, the University of the West Indies and film professionals as

mentors who are giving back to the film community.

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