COAST,” a short film by Jamaican filmmaker, Nile Saulter, was launched on Studio Anansi Tv, today.  The film is one of the series of shorts, a part of the acclaimed Jamaican film, Ring di Alarm, an anthology of 7 short films featuring 6 directors.

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SYNOPSIS: When Patasha is called upon to make a routine delivery to a young tourist couple, she encounters a situation that will test her morality. The young spear-fisherman Samson also wants to make a transaction, but this one is of a more sinister nature. Coast is an examination of choices, and how ugly or stunningly beautiful this island can truly be.

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About Nile Saulter

nile-saulterNile Saulter is a Jamaican director, cinematographer, photographer, and founding member of New Caribbean Cinema. His short films have been exhibited at The British Museum in London, The Michael Werner Gallery and the Grace Exhibition Space in New York. Various works have been screened at festivals in Toronto, Nigeria, Trinidad, Barbados, Cuba, St. Lucia, Jamaica, and London, where his short film “Coast” won the award for Best Cinematography at the Portobello Film Festival in 2011. He’s been sent on commercial assignments to both Brazil and Senegal, and has shot 2 fashion films for the Lubica and We Are Massiv brands respectively. Pre-Production will begin on his first feature length film in the spring of 2015.