JAB IN THE DARK,” a short film by Trinidad-based, filmmaker Robert MacFarlane of Pixel Play Media, was launched on Studio Anansi Tv, today. The film premiered at the Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival in 2013, where it won the Peoples’ Choice Award for “Best Short Film.”

Logline:  The discovery of a secret diary draws a drug addicted security guard into a world of demons and the struggle for inner redemption.

Synopsis:  A troubled night security guard working at a container compound is caught between drug addiction and debt finds himself stealing from the storage containers he should be guarding.  In an effort to help him, his friend coerces him into taking something from his brother’s container.

However this friend has his own agenda.  Having opened the container, the guard must now not only confront his own inner demons, but a real demon to find his missing brother.

Something else wants that book and he is in the way.

Watch the Film:

About Robert MacFarlane

robert macfarlaneRobert began directing and editing from a young age. He completed his BA in Digital Film and Media at the London South Bank University.

Now with over 10 years experience he has directed and edited dozens of music videos, films and adverts for broadcast and channels including: The Box, VH1, MTV Base and more.