Friday, October 30, 2015 @ 7:30 pm
Nicholas Variety, 570 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Tix: $5

Refreshments served.

October is Halloween in New York.  Many Caribbean people like us, have no real connection to Halloween, so to celebrate Halloween, we’ll be screening Caribbean films telling stories on our Folklore.  As a people, we are not too much into horror, but we are known for our humour and folklore – to celebrate them, we’ll be screening two hilarious films based on our folklore – one from Antigua, the other, Jamaica.  Check them out below.

parish-bull-origParish Bull
by Ras Micheal Tingling
Short Film
Jamaica 2012

Michael is the PARISH BULL!!! Confident, charming and without scruples, Michael is not afraid to make his bed, but he may be afraid to lay in it.

diablesse origDiablesse
by HaMa Films
Feature Film
Antigua 2005

Diablesse or La Diablesse as it is known in the French territories of the Caribbean is a beautiful woman whose only flaw is that one of her legs is that of a donkey.

Diablesse the movie is a humorous take on Caribbean Folklore. This is a whimsical tale of a young man who finds himself trapped in a bizarre wedding ceremony with a she-devil…it becomes a race against time to find him and save him before he says “I do”.

This is our final screening for the year – Come join us as we wrap up our 2015 season and look forward to 2016.