“This Love” a romantic comedy from Trinidad & Tobago, scheduled for an international nd regional release in early 2016, opens this Christmas in theaters in Trinidad & Tobago.  This unique Caribbean tale, “embraces the warmth of community and family, and witnesses whether love truly conquers all – even the most stubborn of broken hearts.”

Starring Chris Ann Graham and Chike Pilgrim, “This Love,” follows the relationship between two on-and-off childhood sweethearts, Nikki and Kareem, who are forced to unite when their neighbourhood is threatened with demolition by an ambitious real estate developer wishing to build an expansive amusement park.


The film was written and directed by Asha King, an NYU Film & TV BFA Honours Graduate.  King says she chose to tell this story because she feels it is time Trinidadians, and other Caribbean people see true representations of themselves on screen. In an effort to promote love, the film has no violence, explicit sex or raw language and boasts a whopping 99% Trinidadian Cast and Crew.

The official trailer is already thrilling audiences the world over.  Watch it here:

this love

King joins a growing number of filmmakers from the twin island republic, whose films are being screened in local cinemas.  We’re hoping this is a trend that continues and grows.

Check out the film’s facebook page and website for the screening dates and locations.