The award-winning short film, “PASSAGE,” by Bahamian filmmaker, Kareem Mortimer, was launched today, on Studio Anansi Tv.  The film has won the Best Short awards at the African Movie Academy Awards, Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, FLIFF Grand Bahamas, Caribbean Tales Film Festival, and Zimbabwe Interntional Film Festival.  The film has also won Special Jury Mention at the Belize International Film Festival, Director’s Choice Award at Portland Maine Film Festival, and Best Actress at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival and Wide Screen Film & Video Film Festival.

Synopsis – Passage tells the story of a young woman and her brother fighting for survival while being smuggled into the US on a fishing vessel.

Watch the Film:

About Kareem Mortimer

kareem Kareem Mortimer (Nassau, 1980) is a Bahamian filmmaker that has won over 30 film awards. His feature films include the LGBT Drama Children of God, which has sold to over 24 countries and won 18 festival awards, and the family comedy Wind Jammers that had a worldwide release through Filmworks International.

He is also an accomplished video artist who has made three experimental films (Back to Nassau, Blow and Black to White), four medium length shorts (Float, Chance, She and Passage) and has directed three feature documentaries (The Eleutheran Adventure, Chartered Course and I Am Not A Dummy). His work has been showcased on Showtime, PBS, LOGO, NBC and Canal 22.

He is in production on his third feature, Cargo, about human smuggling, which has already won three awards at the script level and serves as President and Co-Founder of Best Ever Film. Mr. Mortimer’s main interest is in films that challenge conventions, are rooted in identity and inspire social change. In 2013 he was listed by the Bahamas Tribune as one 40 Bahamians under 40 making a difference in his community and in 2014 won an African Movie Academy Award for Passage.