Feva Tv and CaFA have teamed up to bring Caribbean short films to television.  Curated by CaFA, Feva Flix is a short film package being offered to FEVA Tv’s viewers in Canada and the Caribbean.  If you are not in Canada or the Caribbean and would like to enjoy the broadcast experience, the films can also be viewed online on FEVA’s live streaming channel.

The films being broadcast as part of the package, include:

by Sean M. Field
Barbados/St. Lucia | 2014

Elliot Bishop, is homeless and searching for hope in a world that doesn’t know he exists. He’s given up all he has except for distant memories of happier times. From the coffee shop, to the sidewalk, to the cemetery, the City is Elliot’s stomping ground. There is no navigation system to guide him through hunger and self-doubt, all he can do is continue to sharpen his skills and strengthen his resolve as he prepares for the challenge of his lifetime. “Egress,” is a story of a man forced to evolve from his past to transcend the painful sacrifice of the present so he can bravely grasp the opportunity to create his future.

The Little Boy and the Ball
by Damian Marcano
Trinidad & Tobago | 2011

Richard, a 10-year-old boy who lives with his grandparents, has an attachment to his football as if it were his best friend. As time progresses, the ball develops blemishes and scratches as a result of their activities together. The lesson learned is simple: a friend is a friend no matter the person—or thing.

Cleaning House
by Toni Blackford
Jamaica | 2014

At a glance, Susan is a quiet, pensive housecleaner who takes her job seriously. A single phone call is all that she needs to clean up the mess and leave things pristine. But initial impressions rarely, if ever, give the full scope of a person—especially in the case of Susan.

The Seawall
by Mason Richards
Guyana | 2011

The Seawall is a narrative short film shot entirely on location in Georgetown, Guyana, and centers around Marjorie, a Guyanese woman, as she prepares for her 10-year old grandson’s move to America to be with his mother. Struggling with loneliness, and abandonment, audiences watch as Marjorie sacrifices her happiness for her grandson’s future.

Broadcast times are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,  at 6:00pm and Saturday, at 2:00pm and the broacasts will run until March 2.  So, catch one before it’s over.

Visit Feva Tv’s schedule for viewing details.