“SHAN,” which premiered at the 2014 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, is now available on Studio Anansi Tv.

Synopsis:  Shan is a portrait of a young Trinidadian dancer at the Universoul Circus, which tours the USA. This experimental work follows Shan backstage and on stage, moving between darkness and light, as she prepares to pass under the limbo stick, reflecting on her past, present and future.

Watch the Film:

maya cozier picAbout Maya Cozier
Trinidad + Tobago

Maya Cozier is a film student at the School of Visual Arts, NY. Her film Shan screened at the Trinidad and Tobago film festival in 2014. Maya has gone on to write and direct several short films including Dimebag, Dashkar and her thesis film Short drop which recently wrapped production in Trinidad.