“THE BLACK MOSES,” the documentary which follows the life, career and legacy of Sir Lynden Oscar “L.O.” Pindling, the first black Prime Minister of the Bahamas, was released on Studio Anansi Tv today.

Pindling, is considered by many to be the father of the Bahamas, after leading the island nation to independence in 1973.  He served as PM from 1969 to 1992, resigned as leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) in 1997, and died in 2000.

Featuring contributions from deep-voiced actor Dennis Haysbert (24, the upcoming Dear White People), The Black Moses features interviews and commentary from former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney, Dr. Myles Munro, Jesse Jackson, Sidney Poitier and Thabo Mbeki (for Nelson Mandela), among others.

Directed by Bahamian filmmaker Travolta Cooper, The Black Moses closed the 2013 Bahamas International Film Festival, becoming the first Bahamian film — and Cooper the first Bahamian director — to receive the honor.

Was L.O Pindling, first black Prime Minister of The Bahamas, one of history’s greatest national Liberators, or was he one of history’s greatest national Drug Dealers? The Black Moses takes a looks at the popular folk ‘moses mythology’ as it was manifested through the life and times of Sir Lynden Pindling. It follows L.O Pindling as he sets on a course to bring about social, political, and economic revolution to the British Bahama Islands.

Watch the Film:

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Travolta Cooper is a filmmaker who hails from The Bahamas. He’s produced two documentaries – “Founding Fathers: Sir Stafford Sands” and “The Black Moses”. With the success of his second film ‘The Black Moses’ he landed an endorsement deal with The Bahamas’ theater chain Galleria Cinemas, in which produced a show to promote Hollywood and Caribbean Cinema. The show was called The Cinemas and is now being launched to the world via Tempo Tv and Anansi Studios.