“Culture Clash,” a feature length documentary by Jean-René Rinvil, was released on Studio Anansi Tv, today.  The film, which premiered in 2014, received the Best Documentary Award at the Haiti Movie Awards.  It has also screened at the 2014 Belize International Film Festival and 2015 Chicago Caribbean Film Festival.

CULTURE CLASH filled with riveting interviews of second-generationCaribbean immigrants and the challenges they face in holding to their family heritage while embracing American culture. One of the challenges children of immigrants face in America is translating for their parents and having to grow up too soon.

Caribbean Children of immigrant parents caught in a ‘Culture Clash’. In recent years, immigrant communities have stayed in closer communication with their
homelands through cable and satellite television and the internet. While this makes it possible for the second generation to retain a stronger ethnic identity,
at the same time, television, movies, and the Internet create a powerful homogenizing force, pulling the children of immigrants into American mass culture.

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Jean-René Rinvil, is a filmmaker and a native of Haiti, who grew up in Miami, Florida.  He has carefully guided his career. He graduated from a prestigious film and television magnet high school in South Miami and later received his Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Production from the University of South Florida and his Masters of Fine Arts in Film and New Media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).
Jean-René enjoys being behind the camera as a director and editor.  With talent and determination he is committed to making a difference in the world of global filmmaking. He has worked as a production assistant at Warner Bros, on “The Felicity Show,” as a photographer at the Home Shopping Network, and news editor at Miami Fox TV Station.
His list of credits as a director and editor include the award winning documentary “Lavichè: A crisis for the poor in Haiti.”  Jean-René, co-directed with Sonia Baez-Hernandez, a heart-wrenching documentary on breast cancer, “Territories of the Breast.” Jean-René continues developing his talent and wrote and directed a short film “Impasse.”
Jean-Rene’s is committed to creating Caribbean films that interest a worldwide audience.  It is evident in his most recent project “Culture Clash” that won best documentary at the 4th Annual Haiti Movie Award (MPAH) 2014 and an award at the Greater Washington Immigration Film Festival 2015.  Jean-René will continue to shed light on important social issues through his films and documentaries.