STANDING,” by Kojo McPherson, was released on Studio Anansi Tv today.  The film, which was initially released on Facebook, garnered about  10,000 views in two days.

When John channels his restlessness into resistance he learns first hand what it means to come against power…and what it means to have people power.

The film is inspired by the short film, “Clap (One Day)”, directed by Terence Nance.

Randolph Critchlow as ‘John Public’
Shawn Paton Rose as ‘Muscle Henchman’
Andrew Phillips as ‘Stooge Henchman’
Nelan Benjamin as ‘The Cochure’

kojo-on-websiteKOJO MCPHERSON

Over the last ten years Kojo Chukwuma(McPherson) has operated as a creative professional in Guyana. He has worked professionally as a scriptwriter and director for a radio serial drama; a writer/director/producer in educational video production; and a freelance photographer. In his leisure time he performed as a leading spoken word artist and has done some work as a writer and director for stage. In 2011 he added filmmaking to his portfolio. Among other projects he has completed three short films with a fourth one, a co-production with the Caribbean Film Academy, in post-production.

Kojo is the winner of the RBC Focus: Filmmaker’s Immersion 2015, a ‘best project & pitch’ competition for feature-length films hosted by the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival.

Kojo is a Daddy (with a capital ‘D’) to two girls, Kinaya and Mapenzi.