In our continuing effort to scour the globe for film festivals showing Caribbean films, we are highlighting the Caribbean films screening at this year’s Chelsea Film Festival, being held from Oct 13-16.

by Jérémy Banster

France/French Guiana| 2015
93 min | Drama

SYNOPSIS:  1949, a French explorer, Raymond Maufrais, goes on a solitary expedition in the Amazon forest. He leaves behind him a diary that reflects the meaning of Pure Life and his encounters but leaves the mystery of his own disappearance unsolved.

by Patrick Ulysse
United States/Haiti | 2015

105 min | Comedy

SYNOPSIS:  A man thinks he’s found the woman of his dreams until he discovers someone else already had the same idea. “Forever Yours” is a romantic comedy about finding true love at the wrong time. JC (Macc Plaise) and Adrienne (Patricia Rhinvil) share two passions, the love for each other and a great drive to protect the neighborhood youth.

by Joffrey Renambatz
Reunion Island | 2016

20 min | Drama

SYNOPSIS:  Reunion island. Cassandre, a 12 year old girl, has just lost her father. One morning, she runs away on her own in direction of the Circus of Mafate. She wishes to honor the last will of her dead father. But on her way back home, she gets lost.

The film screened at CINEPOLIS CHELSEA, on Friday, October 14th at 10PM.

hat-trickHAT TRICK
by Neneb Bepe
Martinique | 2015

12 min | Comedy

SYNOPSIS:  An original comedy, tribute to 70’s New York detective movies, based on a story from Martinique.

by Marie-Sandrine Bacoul
French Guiana | 2015

11 min | Comedy

SYNOPSIS:  We are in the year 2030. The government is debating the possibility of a new law : only the color of skin “white” will be a valid criterion for allowing a person to live in France, whether or not of French nationality. With this law, Daniel finally thinks to get rid of his worst nightmare: the black, especially those from the French West Indies. A mishap will lead to his revision of the notion of identity.

by Johann Nertomb
Guadeloupe | 2015

7 min | Drama

SYNOPSIS:  A woman wakes up in bed, gasping. As she tries to regain his senses, she discovers the body of her dead husband, lying on the bed. Gradually, she will understand why and how she killed the man who shared her life.

by Nicolas Polixene
Martinique | 2015

18 min | Drama

SYNOPSIS:  Old fisherman attached to tradition, Papé isolated himself in his memories since the death of his wife.

The Short Films will be screed at: CINEPOLIS CHELSEA, on Sunday, October 16th at 2:45PM