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May 5, 2017 // 6:30PM
IFP Media Center // 30 John St, Brooklyn
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On March 17, Derek Walcott, St. Lucia’s and the Caribbean’s Nobel Prize Laureate, passed away.  In honor of his memory, and for those who missed the film the last time it was screened in Newy York, we are hosting a special screening of “Poetry is an Island,” the documentary on his life.  The film will be preceded by the screening of the short film, The Coming of Org, by St. Lucian filmmaker, Davina Lee.

by Ida Does
St. Lucia | 2013
1hr 10 mins

As a poet, playwright, painter and even filmmaker, Derek Walcott has been hymning the Caribbean for over 60 years. This documentary presents an intimate portrait of him, set in his beloved native island St. Lucia. The place he always longs for, when he is taken to far away places by his universally acclaimed work.

The film explores the poetry of Derek Walcott, the landscapes and people that inspire it. It observes Walcott in places essential to his work and life, and gathers the thoughts of some of his closest childhood friends. Most importantly, this documentary is a celebration of the greatest gift Walcott has given the world: his poetry.

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About Ida Does

Ida is an independent documentary filmmaker and producer and resides in Holland and Aruba. Ida Does (Paramaribo, Suriname) has worked as a journalist for different media in Holland, Suriname and Aruba. She published in Dutch, Caribbean and Surinamese journals and magazines. She was editor in chief of Mutyama (magazine for culture and history )and of the daily Amigoe (Aruban edition). Furthermore she worked for the Caribbean edition of the Dutch Newspaper Algemeen Dagblad and wrote a series of short Caribbean stories for Dutch radio (VPRO De Avonden).

Preceded by:
by Davina Lee
St. Lucia | 2012

The Coming of Org is based on short stories written by John Robert Lee, a Saint Lucian writer. The story takes a look at three different people who come face to face with their inner demons in three separate ways. It highlights Saint Lucian folk stories and music, with most of the dialogue in French Creole.

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About Davina Lee
St. Lucia

Davina Lee Films is a film production company based in Saint Lucia, which specializes in films, music videos, documentaries, television shows and commercials. Filmmaker Davina Lee runs the Company she has a BFA in Film and has ten years of experience in production and has produced films, television programs, music videos and commercials. Another producer in the company, Esther Lee-Leach is based in Denver Colorado, she holds a MFA in Fashion Journalism and has had 10 years’ experience in television production.

Davina Lee Films’ aim is to produce high quality films with a Caribbean Aesthetic by capturing the essence of traditional storytelling, music and vibrancy of the islands and export it to the World.

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