The Inaugural QCAANY Film Showcase features a selection of Guyanese short films. This Showcase is curated by Romola Lucas of Caribbean Film Academy (CaFa). A panel discussion among producers and artists will be moderated by Grace Ali, founder and editorial director of OF NOTE, an online magazine that focuses on global artists using the arts as catalysts for activism and social change.

Featured Films:

Rebecca’s Story
by Witness Project Youth (Guyana)
Guyana | 2014

“REBECCA’S STORY,” tells the story, a young orphaned girl having to deal with an abusive grandmother.

On a beautiful day in the Caribbean city of Georgetown, Guyana, a young couple drop off their daughter Rebecca and her little brother Aaron with their Grandmother. With parting hugs and words of love, Rebecca retrieves her favorite book, not realizing  it would be the last time she would see her parents alive.

Weeks later, their days are marred by their distressed Grandmother’s harsh words and rough hands. Rebecca yearns for an escape.  She finds hope in the intervention of Lindsey, a young witness to Rebecca’s plight.  He offers respite through an after school program.

Plagued by her own demons, her Grandmother dismisses his help. Undaunted, Rebecca soon discovers her Granny’s violent harshness and sharp tongue hide a troubling disability and desolate past. In a small but powerful gesture, Rebecca reaches out with an offer of her own, opening the door to better days for her new family.

Watch the film here.

by Gavin Ramoutar
Guyana | 2014

“ANTIMAN” – Anil, an introverted young boy, is pressured by his father to become a cricket player the way he himself was years before. Although a skilled player, Anil refuses to play and takes refuge in his love for Dano, an older boy in the village.  In order to attend the local masquerade and see the boy he pines for, Anil must win the cricket tournament.

Watch the film here.

The Seawall
by Mason Richards
Guyana | 2011

“The Seawall,” a narrative short film shot entirely on location in Georgetown, Guyana, tells the story of Marjorie, a Guyanese woman, who is preparing for her 10-year old grandson’s move to America to be with his mother. Struggling with loneliness, and abandonment, audiences watch as Marjorie sacrifices her happiness for her grandson’s future.

Watch the film here.

by Kojo McPherson
Guyana | 2017

Adero, a man of Amerindian and African heritage tries to find himself in the world.  Having grown up as an orphan from a very young age he has no knowledge of his parentage or place of origin. In the course of trying to find out who he is Adero triggers a series of very vivid, strange and even disturbing dreams that he suspects are cryptic answers to his many questions. When he encounters enigmatic and elderly Amerindian woman he is shocked to recognize her from his dreams but eager to know whether she is the key to him finding out who he truly is.

We will also have an exclusive preview of ECHOS OF THE PLANTATION, a new film by Kishore Seunarine.

Complimentary hors-d’oeuvres. Wine, beer and signature cocktail will be available.

All proceeds to benefit Queen’s College of Guyana Alumni Association (NY).