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Caribbean Cinema Nights, is CaFA’s longest running screening series, bringing Caribbean films to various venues in Brooklyn. With this edition of the Cinema Nights, in partnership with PrintbyPrint Group, we will be bringing Caribbean films from the English, Spanish, Dutch and French Caribbean, back to Brooklyn.

This month, the screening will be co-presented by The Caribbean Equality Project, and we will be screening queer Caribbean films made in the Caribbean and/or by queer Caribbean filmmakers.

Featured Films:
by Audrey Jean-Baptiste
French Guiana

Lasseindra Ninja, the main character of the film, is a professional transgenre dancer. She’s a well-known artist in France’s voguing scene. After building her career through the balls of New York, France and Brasil, among many other main stages, she comes back to her home country French Guiana, to introduce voguing. Through her workshop, we catch a glance of its emergence and its impact on self-empowerment for a consolidating LGBTQ community, and get a glimpse of self-liberation and freedom of expression through the body.

by Melanie Grant

A young Spiritual Baptist undergoes the mourning ritual to seek guidance to suppress her desires for the woman she loves.

by Campbell X

Exploring the intense attraction to masculine-of-center people assigned female at birth, DES!RE is a meditation on desire for queer masculinity, including transgender and female masculinity.

Post-screening conversation Mohamed Q. Amin of The Caribbean Equality Project and Miranda Deebrah, an Indo-Guyanese performer, moderated by TAMARA BEST.

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