How To Build A Tree House is directed by Gavin Mendonca, a Guyanese Punk Rock n’ Roll musician who has fused the genre with Guyanese Folk music, Creole culture and its’ dialect. The film, highly inspired by this new musical tradition, follows a lone guitarist through a personal journey and awakening.

Our history as a people is very diverse, and I would like to reflect some of our country’s rich heritage through my music. The story of Kai is one of our most ancient stories of Patamona origin that dates back to the beginning of time. – Gavin Mendonca

In the story, the guitarist sits on the Sea Wall, at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean strumming his guitar. He closes his eyes and begins hearing powerful words in the ancient and native Patamona language, perhaps the voice of ‘Kai’. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself in a new, unfamiliar place. Guided by the words he just heard, he begins his journey through the rainforest of Guyana, towards the ‘Top of the World’. The journey is a tedious one but rewards him with knowledge and wisdom, and a renewed appreciation for his Home, Guyana.


About Gavin:

Gavin Mendonca is a young Guyanese musician, born in the heart of Georgetown. In 2011, Gavin found his calling: Punk Rock! As one of a very few Punk Rockers in Guyana, he made a name for himself in the local rock community as well as on the national scene, signing with local label Kross Kolor Records. Since January 2014, Gavin is also the host of his self-produced radio show – Radio Rock ‘n’ Roll, Guyana’s premier Rock ‘n’ Roll radio show. He is also an advocate for more local content on Guyanese radio; as well as one of the directors of the annual Rupununi Music and Arts Festival.

His first solo album, titled Creole Rock: The Beginning, was released in April 2016. In May 2018, Gavin released his first short film – How To Build A Tree House – which incorporated the use of Patamuna language and folklore, and was filmed at Kaieteur Falls and it’s environs.