Directed and narrated by Dr. Kim Johnson, The Firewalkers of Kali reveals the world of the Firepass ceremony, a ritual where devotees walk through blazing flames. The ceremony, which was once the most spectacular ritual of Indian immigrants after they left the estates, enjoyed widespread support, until the 1950s when the growth of a more staid Hinduism, led to its decline. In recent decades, however, Firepass has been revived as part of the emotionally-charged Shakti pujas held in Kali temples throughout Trinidad & Tobago, for the physical and spiritual healing of devotees.


About Dr. Kim Johnson:

Dr. Kim Johnson is an accomplished author, historian, former journalist, Senior Research Fellow at The Academy for Arts, Letters, Culture and Public Affairs at The University of TT (UTT), and is recognized as a foremost Steelpan historian in Trinidad & Tobago.

He is currently the Director of the Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago. His films include March of the MokosThe Audacity of the Creole Imagination, and The Radical Innocence of Jackie Hinkson. He also wrote PAN! Our Music Odyssey, Re-Percussions: Our African Odyssey, and Our Soul Turned Inside Out.