Directed and narrated by Dr. Kim Johnson, March of the Mokos chronicles the story of how an old African ritual, which found expression in Trinidad’s traditional Carnival masquerade became a dynamic form of social intervention especially for at-risk youth, a fun hobby and created some of the Caribbean’s most spectacular mas kings and queens.

The tradition underwent a revival through the efforts of Mr. Glen DeSouza, better known as Dragon, who opened up a stilt-walking school in 1986. Popularizing the art form, The Keylemanjahro School of Art & Culture spread the once dying moko jumbie stilt dancing practice throughout the country and abroad.


About Dr. Kim Johnson:

Dr. Kim Johnson is an accomplished author, historian, former journalist, Senior Research Fellow at The Academy for Arts, Letters, Culture and Public Affairs at The University of TT (UTT), and is recognized as a foremost Steelpan historian in Trinidad & Tobago.

His first foray into Steelpan history was via a recurring series of newspaper articles chronicling the experiences of those who participated in the growth and development of the National Instrument. He later developed on this theme by the construction of a photographic history of the Pan’s development. Dr Johnson has also published extensively on the history and culture of Trinidad & Tobago.