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Established in 2012, CaFA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and support of Caribbean filmmaking and filmmakers, in the region and the diaspora.  CaFA’s work is focused on promoting and sharing the art of storytelling through film from the unique perspective of the Caribbean.

Our Mission is to increase the visibility of Caribbean films and filmmakers in the Caribbean as well as the global community and to provide tangible support for their efforts.  It is CaFA’s goal to share and showcase the broad spectrum of Caribbean creativity through film.  We believe in film as a means of effecting social engagement and change, exploring the Caribbean storytelling/film aesthetic, preserving Caribbean history and culture, and sharing our unique perspectives with the world.  Through our film screenings, festival highlights, reviews, and filmmaker interviews, making Caribbean films accessible for viewing anywhere in the world, and contributions to Caribbean film projects, we hope to meaningfully contribute to the growth and evolution of this exciting and rapidly growing industry, as well as help cultivate an audience, Caribbean and otherwise, who will enjoy seeing these stories.

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The Caribbean Film Blog
Studio Anansi Tv - our online platform providing access to Caribbean films.


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