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Together with Caribbean Creativity, a Netherlands-based Caribbean culture organization, we write stories on Caribbean Films, Filmmakers and Film Festivals, for Bassculture Islands Magazine.


Bassculture Islands no 6

For this edition, we wrote about the Dominican Film Festival in New York, and two film reviews on "El Cast," directed by Trinidadian filmmaker Shea Best, and "Yolanda," directed by Puerto Rican filmmaker Cristian Carretero.


bass culture islands mag

About Bassculture Islands Mag

Bassculture Islands is an arts and culture magazine that features work of established and upcoming contemporary artists, in all mediums including traditional, digital, sculpture, photography and music. Our love for the islands makes us aim to present artists based or originate from the Caribbean islands. Our mission is to ‘bring together people and talents from different backgrounds and horizons’, so we would like to act as a link with European artists to trigger possible creative meltdowns.
The purpose of the magazine is to impress, inspire and uplift through exposure to visuals. It promotes the belief that visuals can change our mood, become inspiration, trigger creativity.
We aim to release an issue every 2 months.

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