The Timehri Film Festival, is a Guyanese and Caribbean film festival we, i.e., CaFA, started in 2016, in partnership with Rewind and Come Again (Blog).  Now in its second year, the Festival is slowly but surely growing into what we envisioned for it. Our very first year coincided with Guyana’s 50th Independence celebrations.  All of the 30+ films were screened at the Moray House Trust, over a period of 4 days.  Although not the first film festival in Guyana – SASOD, a local organization has been hosting a queer filmRead More
Premiering at the 2014 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, “FLYING THE COUP,” was a winner of the People’s Choice Award – Short Film.  The film was shot in both Trinidad & Tobago, while Ryan was a student in the UWI Film Program. SYNOPSIS: A young man’s first day as a police officer turns into a disaster as the 1990 attempted coup in Trinidad & Tobago erupts. He reluctantly joins forces with the neighbourhood slacker to escape the gauntlet that is a curfew enforced Port-of-Spain. RYAN LEE Writer/Director Trinidad & Tobago Born into a family of photographyRead More
Words by Travolta Cooper The State of Caribbean Film: Trinidad & Tobago Cannes, France —- It is safe to say, Trinidad and Tobago is leading the charge for the development of a lucrative film industry in the Caribbean Region. Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island Republic, lead for mainly two reasons: One? The best and most imaginative films have come from under T&T over the last five years. Two? As a nation, they have done more to unite the Region under one Caribbean Film banner. We have talked about thisRead More
Words and Images by Travolta Cooper European Cinema and Independent Sensibilities Cannes, France —- I don’t really get a chance to see as much cinema from Europe as I would like to while living in America (Los Angeles, California) and the Caribbean (The Bahamas).  This is just another reason (of many other reasons) why I look forward to the Cannes Film Festival each year.  It is not easy to pin down what exactly “European Cinema” is.  There isn’t really a “Eurowood” per say. So whether that is ‘euro cinema’ fromRead More
Words and images by Travolta Cooper   Netflix didn’t come to Play, They came to Slay Cannes France —- So “streaming cinema” (as I call it) has no doubt been the talk of the Festival.  It has been the subject of three (including this one) of our daily reports. This is an important development in the cinema around the world.  It is particularly true of the Caribbean Region where streaming services like “Studio Anansi” and “Caribbean Tales” lead as being a provider for Caribbean Films and content.  Content. When allRead More
Words and images by Travolta Cooper   The State Of Caribbean Cinema: The Dominican Republic Cannes, France — — How do I compare and describe the Cannes Film Festival to someone else who has never been here?  The best comparison I can give would be the Olympics.  This is the Olympics of the Cinema because Filmmakers representing various nations around the world come here to contend (in the competition segment) for the Palm d’Or.  And nations from around the world come here to compete in the Marche Du Cinema (whichRead More
Words by Travolta Cooper Okja and The “New Hollywood” Cannes, France —- Okja (pronounced Oke Cha) is one of two Netflix films competing for the Palm d’Or prize at the 70th Cannes Film Festival (the other film is The Meyerowitz Stories).  And with its big, clunky, and clumsy debut this morning, Okja has something boisterous to say about the future of the movie business around the world.  Yes, that means Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and every other kind of Wood.  That might even mean Cariwood (which is a term coined forRead More
Words by Travolta Cooper What is Amazon Studios doing here? Cannes, France – It is day two at Cannes, the mother of film festivals, and the debate among cinema lovers continues on the presence of streaming giants like Amazon Studios at the festival. Which side you find yourself on the debate could determine, to some Cinephiles, whether you should keep your true cinema card or not. Cinema purists in press conferences and screenings are acting like the festival has been infected with a virus. They feel like something foreign andRead More