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CaFA 2016 Highlights

We experienced another incredible year supporting the work of Caribbean filmmakers and sharing Caribbean films with the world.  Check out some of what made the year so special:

We launched 2 new Film Festivals:

Third Horizon Caribbean Film Festival:  This year, in partnership with Third Horizon Media, producers of the acclaimed short, Papa Machete, we launched the Third Horizon Caribbean Film Festival.  With the help of our sponsors, the Knight Foundation, Flow, Time Warner, and the Greene Family Foundation, we brought 4 days of Caribbean film, music and art to Wynnewood, Miami, at the O Cinema.  Our opening night film was the acclaimed Haitian film, “Ayiti Mon Amour,” by Guetty Felin, and closing night film was “Memories of a Penitent Heart,” by Cecilia Aldarondo, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. House on Coco Road, Generation Revolution, Crumbs, were some of the other films we screened, along with a ton of great shorts.  We hosted the Florida premiere performance of Gaika, the “industrial grunge” performer from London, of Grenadian/Jamaican heritage.  The fresh work of Vincentian photographer, Nadia Huggins defined our visuals this year and we exhibited the work of Barbadian artist, Sheena Rose.

We have already started planning next year’s Festival.  Hope to see you there.

Visit the Festival website.

Timehri Film Festival:  We also launched a Guyanese and Caribbean Film Festival in Guyana, in  partnership with the Rewind and Come Again Blog.  The Festival was held in May during Guyana’s Jubilee celebrations, at Moray House in Georgetown.  Over 4 days, we screened close to 30 Guyanese and Caribbean films.  We’re looking forward to this year’s edition of the Festival to be held May 31 – June 4.

Visit the Festival website.

We continued screening films at BAM …

Caribbean Film Series at BAM:  This year, in partnership with Bamcinematek and the Brooklyn Cinema Collective, we continued our screening of some of the best films to come out of the Caribbean to sold out audiences at our quarterly screening series at BAM, in Brooklyn.  The films we had the honor of screening included, Art Connect, Ayiti Mon Amour, Bazodee, Las Vacas Con Gafas, and Pressure.

Our first screening in the Series for 2017, will be on February 22nd.  We will be releasing the details of the screening in the next few days.

We grew our online platform …

Studio Anansi Tv:  This year, we released 13 new films.  We continued our work finding alternative channels through which the films can be seen.  We recently launched the children’s film, “Avocado & Zaboca,” by T&T filmmaker Sonja Dumas, and will be releasing our first film in 2017, on January 17.

Visit the Studio Anansi Tv website.

We continued producing films …

The Caribbean Film Project:  In 2015, we ran a script competition in Guyana, Grenada, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis, and the Diaspora.  Out of all of the submissions received, we selected 4 winners – Kojo McPherson: “Adero” (Guyana); Klieon John: “Jeb” (St. Kitts & Nevis); Alwin Bully: “Oseyi and the Masquerades” (Dominica); and Karen Chapman: “Linger” (Canada/Guyana).

Principal photography has been completed for “Adero,” and it is currently being edited.  The remaining three scripts are in various stages of pre-production, all to be shot by April 2017.

“Adero” – Behind the Scenes: Rupununi, Guyana

We will be running a crowdfunding campaign to raise some of the funds needed for the production of the films and we are counting on your support.

Learn more about the Caribbean Film Project scripts and winners here.

For 2017, we have lots of new opportunities for you to experience the best in Caribbean film – more screenings, festivals, and films on VOD, along with the 2nd Edition of the Caribbean Film Project.

Stay tuned!

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