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Written by Paul Pryce So, you want to be an actor.  You want to explore the meaning of life, express ideas and philosophies.  Damn it!  You want to create something freaking awesome!  Your mind is made up.  You’ve been bitten by the proverbial acting bug, so you went against your parents’ advice and ditched a bright future in medicine, to be an Artist.  You know you have what it takes; you’ve got the dream and the courage to go after it. You also want to pursue that dream in New YorkRead More

Posted On May 17, 2015By Romola LucasIn Acting 101, Blog, CaFA Film School, CaFA News

The Actor’s Process

An Essential Survival Guide to Making It in N.Y.C. for the International Artist by Paul Pryce Introduction: The purpose of the artist is to investigate.  Investigate ideas, the world in which she or he lives, humanity in general, and herself or himself.  What a glorious purpose!  But, as liberating as it seems, this purpose comes with feelings of uncertainty.  Facing the unknown, whether it’s a blank canvas, a new play, a lump of clay or a still piano, the artist must embrace the unknown, awaken their muse and remain openRead More