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“MOKO JUMBIE” Caribbean Film Series at BAMcinématek September 6  //  7:30pm Purchase Tickets Here! We are excited to announce our next screening at BAM.  We will be bringing a Special Sneak Preview, of Moko Jumbie, Vashti Anderson’s first feature length film, which premiered in June at the Los Angeles Film Festival. While the film is still hot on the festival trail, we are working with Vashti to present a sneak preview the film specially for our Brooklyn audiences. About the Film: With Vanna Vee Girod, Jeremy Thomas, Dino Maharaj, NickolaiRead More
Classic British-Trinidadian Film “PRESSURE” Returns to Brooklyn For One Night Only at The Caribbean Film Series, December 5th at BAMcinématek Horace Ove’s underrated 1976 masterpiece highlights generational Caribbean immigrant tensions in Great Britain’s first Black feature film. Press Contact:  Romola Lucas – Celebrating the 40th anniversary of its release, “PRESSURE” is the first dramatic feature film by a Black director in Great Britain, the Trinidad-born Horace Ové. In the seminal film, generational tensions between Caribbean immigrants living in the Notting Hill area of London are examined with both dramaRead More
COWS WEARING GLASSES (Las vacas con gafas) directed by Alex Santiago Pérez Caribbean Film Series Thursday, November 10th, 7:30pm | BAM Rose Cinemas When eccentric painter and art professor Marcelino (Daniel Lugo) contracts a disease that makes him lose his eyesight, he is forced to rethink his relationship with his daughter, and take stock of a life full of professional success but a personal one that’s totally unsatisfactory, in “Cows Wearing Glasses (Las vacas con gafas),” an intimate portrayal filled with biting humor and a dynamic performance by star DanielRead More
Haitian Immigrants Clash with Dominican Forces in “Cristo Rey” – Caribbean Film Series, December 3rd at BAMcinématek Santo Domingo-set drama mixes ‘Romeo & Juliet’ with complex racial issues. Director Leticia Tonos Paniagua, in attendance for post-screening Q&A. November 3, 2015/Brooklyn, NY – Ongoing conflicts between undocumented immigrants from Haiti living and working toward a better life in the adjoining island nation of the Dominican Republic, and the more recent hostilities this past summer with the deportation of Haitian men, women, and children born there to non-citizen parents, is the inspirationRead More
1970’s Jamaica Explodes in “Better Mus’ Come” – Caribbean Film Series, Sept. 30th at BAMcinématek Gangs versus government drama continues partnership with the Caribbean Film Academy and BAMcinématek. Director Storm Saulter, in attendance for post-screening Q&A. August 20, 2015/Brooklyn, NY – Turbulent times rocked the Caribbean during the 1970’s. Many of the newly independent countries while still working to establish viable governments, had to also deal with a sudden worldwide economic downturn. In Jamaica, two key political factions violently clashed as the urban poor demanded better, and more equal, standards of living. Inspired by theseRead More
Hit Trinidadian Crime Film “God Loves the Fighter” Makes Its Brooklyn Premiere, April 7th at BAMcinématek Trinidad’s newest narrative film opens the Caribbean Film Academy’s new ‘Caribbean Film Series’ in partnership with BAMcinématek; director Damian Marcano in attendance for post-screening Q&A  March 5, 2015/Brooklyn, NY –  Having successfully navigated the international film festival circuit for over a year, the gritty, urban Trinidadian drama, God Loves the Fighter, makes its way to Brooklyn, NY, marking its premiere in the largest enclave of Caribbean immigrants and first-generation Caribbean-Americans outside of the WestRead More