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Reviewed by Roslin Khan and Romola Lucas August 2015 YOLANDA, a short film shot in the Dominican Republic, by New York-based, Puerto Rican filmmaker, Cristian Carretero, tells the story of the sacrifices a single mother from a poor village on the outskirts of Santo Domingo, has to make to provide for her family.  It is one of a handful of films reflecting the experiences of poor and mostly black Dominicans, who, as of 1972, began embarking on the illegal and perilous boat trips across the Mona Passage, from the DominicanRead More
Written by Roslin Khan and Romola Lucas The short film, “El Cast,” with a writer from the Dominican Republic and a director from Trinidad & Tobago, represents one of the exciting aspects of Caribbean filmmaking today – the opportunities being created for cross-cultural storytelling leading to positive cultural interactions between Caribbean countries with different cultures.  The film is directed by Shea Best, a young, emerging director from Trinidad and Tobago, and was screened at the 2014 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival. Geared towards children, the story centers on the transformationRead More
Written, co-produced and directed by Bahamian filmmaker, Travolta Cooper, “The Black Moses” is a full-length documentary inspired by the Book of Exodus.  From the post-colonial literary perspective, Cooper and the documentary, portray Sir Lynden O. Pindling, the first Prime Minister of the Bahama Islands, as one of the leaders from the developing world who, by virtue of his leadership and success, is endowed with the persona of the biblical figure, Moses, as he rose to the challenge of leading his nation from total domination under colonial rule and to assertingRead More
“Jeffrey’s Calypso” (2005) is a short film written and directed by Vashti Anderson (whose mother is Trinidadian), in fulfillment of her graduate film course requirements at New York University. It also enjoys the distinction of receiving a total of eight awards, including “Director’s Choice Award” at the Angelus Student Film Festival and the “Best Cinematography Award” at the Fusion Film Festival. This undoubtedly excellent film, which easily allows for interpretations at the personal and representative levels, explores the dynamics of a love between two young Trinidadians against the backdrops ofRead More