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“ALTO VISTA,” by Juan Francisco Pardo, an official selection of the 2015 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, is a visceral, heart-stopping short addressing the high suicide rate in a part of Aruba. SYNOPSIS: Souls trapped in a moment, searching for love, satisfaction and forgiveness. Alto Vista is a place that not only unites a family, but also divides them, repeating their past and reflecting their future. Watch Now: About Juan  Juan Francisco Pardo is an Aruban filmmaker. His first film, 10 Ave Maria, won the Jury Prize for Best Short Film atRead More
“DENIS,” by Gabrielle Blackwood, an official selection of the 2015 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, is a poignant and touching documentary on the life of man diagnosed with ALS.  As the story unfolds, we hear from Denis’ wife and primary caregiver, as well as Denis himself, as we learn exactly what it takes to care for someone with this disease. SYNOPSIS: Denis Mckenzie, a proud and independent family man from Jamaica, was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) at the age of 43. The disease eventually renders him almost completely paralysedRead More
Premiering at the 2014 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, “FLYING THE COUP,” was a winner of the People’s Choice Award – Short Film.  The film was shot in both Trinidad & Tobago, while Ryan was a student in the UWI Film Program. SYNOPSIS: A young man’s first day as a police officer turns into a disaster as the 1990 attempted coup in Trinidad & Tobago erupts. He reluctantly joins forces with the neighbourhood slacker to escape the gauntlet that is a curfew enforced Port-of-Spain. RYAN LEE Writer/Director Trinidad & Tobago Born into a family of photographyRead More
Released in 2015, “DREAMS IN TRANSIT,” was the winner of the Caribbean Spirit Award, at the 2016 Caribbean Tales Film Festival. The film was shot in both Trinidad & Tobago and London, UK, with an evocative musical score by renowned composer Dominique Le Gendre and the narration voiced by London-based Trinidadian actor, Martina Laird. The film was produced by Riposte Pictures. SYNOPSIS: Dreams in Transit is a poetic, cine-essay style documentary reflecting on the theme of identity and belonging for contemporary migrants. The narrator, a London-based Trinidadian, returns to the Caribbean toRead More
Released in 2011, “10 AVE MARIA,” won the jury award for best short film at the 2011 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, and is one of series of shorts by Juan Francisco Pardo, being made available to the public, through Studio Anansi Tv.  “Awa Brak,” is also available on the site. SYNOPSIS:  No man is an island, it is said. In this beautifully observed film, we follow Mark, a lonely young man in search of happiness. Through his daily encounters he struggles with his desires and his fears, until atRead More
“ESTA ISLA,” by Cristian Carretero, was released on Studio Anansi Tv today.  The film was an official selection of the 2014 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, and won Best Short Film by a unanimous decision at the 5to Festival de Cine Europeo (2014, PR). SYNOPSIS: After a surprising turn of events, two young lovers escape off into the innermost part of Puerto Rico, finding freedom within.   CRISTIAN CARRETERO Writer/Director/Producer Puerto Rico Cristian Carretero is originally from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. He graduated with his bachelors degree from Sarah Lawrence College.Read More
“A STORY ABOUT WENDY 2,” by Sean Hodgkinson, was released on Studio Anansi Tv today.  Following on the heels of “A Story About Wendy,” Part 2 sees Wendy pursuing her dream of working for tv personality, Simone Davies. SYNOPSIS: Following on from A Story about Wendy (2012), when she was dumped by her fiancé and sought to get her life back together, Wendy Phillips returns in the second chapter of her adventures. Excited to start work at Quirky TV as Simone Davies’ personal assistant, Wendy proves she is dedicated andRead More
“AVOCADO and ZABOCA,” by Sonja Dumas, was released on Studio Anansi Tv today.  Geared for a very young audience, the film tells the story of two warring pears who discover their similarities, and also discover friendship. SYNOPSIS: Set in the clearing of a Caribbean rain forest full of lively characters and quirky songs, two pears called Avocado and Zaboca respectively, battle for alphabet supremacy. The film uses live action and two types of animation to explore the themes of conflict resolution, tolerance and friendship, all while teaching very young children theirRead More
“STANDING,” by Kojo McPherson, was released on Studio Anansi Tv today.  The film, which was initially released on Facebook, garnered about  10,000 views in two days. SYNOPSIS: When John channels his restlessness into resistance he learns first hand what it means to come against power…and what it means to have people power. The film is inspired by the short film, “Clap (One Day)”, directed by Terence Nance. CAST: Randolph Critchlow as ‘John Public’ Shawn Paton Rose as ‘Muscle Henchman’ Andrew Phillips as ‘Stooge Henchman’ Nelan Benjamin as ‘The Cochure’ KOJO MCPHERSONRead More
“THE SKIN,” by Howard and Mitzi Allen of HaMa Films, was released on Studio Anansi Tv today.  The film, which premiered at the 2011 in Antigua, has screened at a number of film festivals and screenings, including theTrinidad & Tobago Film Festival, The Pan African Film Festival in LA, the DC Caribbean Film Festival, as well as in the United Kingdom and Canada. It is the fourth feature film from the Antiguan filmmaking duo, Howard and Mitzi Allen, of HaMa films, and includes in its stars, Jamaican, Carl Bradshaw ofRead More