Kojo Mcpherson


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Over the last ten years Kojo Chukwuma (McPherson) has operated as a creative professional in Guyana. He has worked professionally as a scriptwriter and director for a radio serial drama; a writer/director/producer in educational video production; and a freelance photographer. In his leisure time he performed as a leading spoken word artist and has done some work as a writer and director for stage. In 2011 he added filmmaking to his portfolio. Among other projects he has completed three short films with a fourth one, a co­production with the Caribbean Film Academy, in post- production.

Kojo is the winner of the RBC Focus: Filmmaker’s Immersion 2015, a ‘best project & pitch’ competition for feature­length films hosted by the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival.

Kojo is a Daddy (with a capital ‘D’) to two girls, Kinaya and Mapenzi.

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Films: Standing (2015)   To the Night (2013) https://vimeo.com/69996304   Beached (2011) https://vimeo.com/91866744     Back