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Born in Guadeloupe, Lynda D’ Alexis felt, at ?irst a strong interest for music, which pushes her shortly after obtaining her high school diploma in sciences, to leave her native island to pursue sound engineer’s training in a studio in Marseille (FRANCE).

At the age of 20, she joins ESRA (Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle) , an high-end educational academy, located in Nice (France).  In 2013, she writes and direct her ?irst short ?ilm « L’EMPRISE (THE INFLUENCE) “, a movie dealing with the emotional and moral manipulation in couples.  The movie was showcased at FEMI (Regional and international Festival of Cinema of Guadeloupe) during the movies-debate evening on ” characters of women who move mentalities; daily heroins. « ;and at 15th Cinema and Video Meetings of Nice (France).

From then on, installed in Paris, she dashes into the writing and the production of her second short movie : “RICO” which she direct with a small crew of 5, at the age of 23 in Guadeloupe.  The money for the movie was partially raised from a successful crowdfunding campaign allowing her to gather more than 30 % of the movie total budget thanks to a faithful and active community which follows her still to this day. in 2016 Lynda won People Choice Award and Jury Special Prize for RICO at « Prix de Court » one of the biggest Short Films Festival in the French Caribbean.

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