Michael “Ras Tingle” Tingling

ras tingle




Michael Anthony Tinglin was born in 1972 in rural Jamaica. At age 17 he moved to Kingston where in later years he became known as Ras Tingle. Eager and ready to learn about video production, Tingle observed and got involved in all areas of production from assisting prominent Jamaican Director, Ras Kassa in areas such as creating concepts, storyboards and budgets. In 2007, he and business-partner Danielle Desulme established their own production house known as TD FILMS. As a Director, Ras Tingle continues to ‘push the envelope’ in the music video industry. His upcoming projects include documentaries with a focus on stories indigenous to Jamaica and television programmes aimed to empower and uplift young people.

Link: New Caribbean Cinema

Parish Bull (2012)

Interview of Ras Tingle

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