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Rebecca Roos was born in the Netherlands in 1967. In 1968 the family moved back to Aruba where she lived until 1979, before moving back to Holland to attend the “gymnasium” (a classical based high school). She has a “propedeuse” Art History and Archeology and a Masters in Communication (majoring in Cultural Media Studies).

In 1993, right after finishing University she started working at Hungry Eye Lowland as the assistant of producer Rene Seegers. In 1996 Rebecca Roos moved back to Aruba, and worked for the Aruba Broadcast Corporation, getting the new TV station ATV ready for broadcast for 9 months, and another year while the station was on the air. Her tasks were program manager, producer, and director.

After leaving ATV, Rebecca Roos started her own production company where she produces and directs documentaries, corporate and institutional videos and TV-programs.

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By Her Hand (2012)

Abo So (2013)